Home Schooling Tips

Asking sailors about home schooling is like asking about anchoring techniques: twenty sailors will provide twenty different answers! It really is a question of family taste and individual circumstance. I asked a number of sailing families to describe how they approach home schooling on board and, if applicable, their experiences upon re-entering "normal" schools. The informative, interesting answers are here. Just click on any of the listings below.

s/v Marlin: A mix of local flavor and resources from back home

s/v Water Musick: shifting from self-designed to packaged program

s/v Don Quixote: checks and cherry picking

s/v Oso Blanco: exploring the world

s/v Capaz: simple and straightforward

s/v Totem: an eclectic approach

s/v Blue Sky: the unschooling approach

s/v Namani: a flexible school curriculum for a three year cruise

s/v Pericles: entering the school system in Australia after home schooling

Two families rave about Calvert

General observations

I would like to add more families to this list, so if you are able to help, please write me a brief email describing your style of home schooling, the ages of your children, and the resources you use.