Articles about Home Schooling on Boats

Here is a list of outstanding articles written by a variety of authors on their own home schooling experiences on boats. Some are written by parents and others by the children themselves; they cover preschool through high school experiences. They provide excellent insights for prospective cruisers to refer to. I have also included my own articles which relate directly to home schooling or sailing with children at the bottom of this list.

I receive frequent inquiries from people asking about going cruising with high school age children and the possible effect this has on later college admissions. The best response is found in Lambert Block's article in the link below. To add to that, I have put together some additional thoughts on the topic, which can be found here.

Block, Lambert. "Landfalls in Homeschooling." Cruising World, September 2004. The author summarizes the home schooling programs that his children followed from elementary through high school (programs that helped them gain admission into outstanding US universities).

Aebi, Tania. "One Mom, Two Teens, No Exit." Boat US Magazine, March 2009. The one-time teen circumnavigator summarizes the trials and ultimate rewards of home schooling her teenage sons on the sea.

Rich, Jordan. "This Boat Kid is Beached." Cruising World, May 2009. The teenage author reflects on her four years of boat schooling and readjusting to life on land.

Collins, Stacey. "The Liveaboard Kid." Cruising World, July 2008. A mother describes various considerations for cruising with younger children, including home schooling. Related article here.

Bowdidge, Cheree. "Life on the Ocean Wave: A Kid's Point of View." Latitudes and Attitudes, September 2007. The 17 year old author describes life and home schooling aboard a boat.

Mitman Clark, Wendy. "School Daze." Cruising World, April 2010. A short piece weighing up the pros and cons of following a packaged home schooling program.

Slavinski, Nadine. "Keeping Cruising Kids Tuned In to the Caribbean". Caribbean Compass, April 2011 (pages 24-25). If you want your kids to come away from a cruise with new knowledge or a new perspective, you should consciously cultivate an approach that will keep them tuned in..

Slavinski, Nadine. "Top Cruising Kids' Field Trips in the Caribbean (and How to Make the Most of Them)." Caribbean Compass
, February 2011 (pages 26-27). Use these suggestions in the Caribbean or as inspiration for educational field trips elsewhere.

Slavinski, Nadine. "Six Tips for Home-schooling Sailors." Women and CruisingDecember 2010.

Slavinski, Nadine. "
12 Families Interview." Women and Cruising, October 2010. A summary of our year at sea and what it meant to us as a family.

Slavinski, Nadine. "
Back To School." YachtpalsSeptember 2010. A guide to home schooling for sailors.