List of famous saying on Blue Note

  •  “Quasi ci lasciavo le penne  (I almost left there my feathers)". Paola gifted us with this beautiful Italian expression when we had to swim from the dingy to the beach at the Baths in Virgin Gorda  with some bis swell and for a moment the current was going to take Paola to the rocks.

      •  “That  arrow on top of the mast always points  to your destination”.  Every time I found myself having to tack back and forth to reach the destination it reminds me  of this  saying  that I learn from Jeff while we were sailing in light wind (and of course with the wind from the "wrong" direction)  from Tampa to Ft. Lauderdale.

      • “There are three things a man will never get tired to look at: 1) The cracking flames of a fire place. 2) The gentle waves washing to shore. 3) Other men at work.” When I found myself admiring somebody else working it reminds me of this saying by Chris who told it to me when we were walking on the sandy beach of Culebrita.

      • “The day that a nurse will have to clean drool from your mouth, you will look back at this day and think that it was the best day of your life”. When somebody who is  crewing on Blue Note  is complaining about an uncomfortable situation I always quote  this say that I learned from Chris while drinking wine with Nirit and him on Passepartout.

      • "Se io fossi vostro ospite, a quest'ora sarei gia' a letto a casa mia" (If I would have been your guest, at this time I would be already in bed at my house). It was about  midnight  and  we were at Anse des Pitons in  St. Lucia, when  I was told this saying  in jest,  by Fulvio  while on Bulbo Matto after having had a wonderful dinner with him and Laura and after having spent several hours in their company drinking Lemoncello.