Online Shopping

List of online sites that I have used:
  • Amazon: I always first check if something is available here.
  • Hamilton Marine: price are usually lower ┬áthan what can be found at Defender.
  • Defender: marine store with large selection, price are usually better than at West Marine
  • West Marine: wide selection
  • Landfall Navigation: good selection of clothes and safety equipment
  • Boatzincs: that is where I buy my zincs.
  • Bay Shore Marine: I buy here parts (impeller, belt, filters) for the Yanmar Engine. Has the lowest price I could find.
  • Boatersland: sometime price is lowest here. Bought here Navionic Charts
  • Torresen Marine: I bought ┬áhere oil filter for the Yanmar engine.
  • Marinebeam: good selection of LED light with nice warm color
  • DrLED: good source of LED navigation lightbulb replacement
  • McMaster-Carr: the best selection of screw, nuts, hose, raw material
  • Newark: huge selection of electrical and electronic components
  • Wholesalemarine: that's where I found the lowest price for the #4 cable used in the wind generator installation
  • Harborfreight: one of the place with the lowest price for tools