This is a list of experts who helped me with Blue Note: I highly recommend them.

Andrea and Skip of Island Yachts: For many years I charter one of their boat. Their fleet is only of  Island Packet  and how their boats are maintained is a constant inspiration for my own boat. I also learned  so much about boat maintenance from Skip during the boat check-out process preceding a charter. Andrea and Skip have also  been extremely helpful in supporting Blue Note when she is spending the winter in Red Hook. Email: Web:

Andres Munoz: Based in Ft. Lauderdale with Southern Cross Boat Work. Andres is a master of Electronic Installation on boats. Extremely good and very exceptional guy. He installed for me the new chart plotter, new pod station, solar panel, radar, ais, Sirius Weather and Inmarsat Satellite. Everything worked perfectly and now that I start to do some electrical work myself on the boat, I am noticing how careful  Andres was in his work. Email: Web:

Brian: Based in Ft. Lauderdale with Beaver-Brand Canvas, Brian build the bimini  for Blue Note and supporting the solar panel. It come out  just perfect and I knew even before it was done thanks for the high quality of the drawing that he did. Web: Tel: 954-522-7322 

Dan Driscoll and Mark Plock of Doyle Plock Sailmakers: Dan helped me to replace the original mainsail and install a Tides Marine "Strong" Sail Track system.  He also worked with me in designing  an easy to use  asymmetric spinnaker.  I can easily use the spinnaker when I’m single handed and I used it much more that I could ever anticipated. In 2014 Dan  also made a new Tri Radial Genoa with Sqaure Weave Dacron for Blue Note. Dan is based in Tampa Email: – Mark is based in New York Email: – Web:  and

Dave Pellisier: with Ace Sailmaker in Connecticut. A very knowledgeable sailmaker who prepared for me the  Jordan Series Drogue and the additional section of cones. Web: Tel: 860 739 5999

Frank Davy: of Raymarine Product Service in  Nashua, NH. Frank has been extremely helpful in reprogramming the MMSI number of my VHF and  AIS in a very timely fashion. I could not have hoped in any faster service: the same day they received the box Frank and one of his colleagues reprogrammed the MMSI number and upgraded the software on both the VHF and AIS500 and shiped it back to me the same day. Email:

Ian Hippolyte: Based in Ft. Lauderdale Ian has helped me with the many works that had to be done on Blue Note right after I bought her.  Very honest guy, once he had to stop me in my frenzy when I asked him if he could replace the shower sump pump because too noisy. His reply was: “Marco, we did already a lot of work and I will love to take more of your money but the pump works just fine even if makes a bit of noise and now is time for you to start use the boat.”. I remember his words every time my enthusiasm for perfection take the best of me. Email:  

Jeff LewisJeff is a delivery captain and instructor: I met Jeff during the sea trial, pre-purchasing of my boat. Since then I hired Jeff for 4 different long trips: 1) Tampa to Ft. Lauderdale 2) Ft. Lauderdale to New York 3,4)  New York to St. Thomas USVI and back. Together we total over 4,500 nautical miles of blue water sailing.  I learned so much from him about the boat, seamanship and sail trimming (Jeff was a competitive  sailor). After the third trip I was asking myself if there would have been anything left for him to teach me. There was, and I am sure there would have been also for a fifth trip, but I decided that it was time for me to sail with my own crew.  Now every time a "situation" occurs  during a passage, before taking any action I'm asking myself what Jeff would do? Email: Web:

Joe and Arun: Based in St. Thomas with Quantum Sails. Joe repaired a small tear in my spinnaker and head sail in preparation of the trip to the Azores. Email: Tel: 340-777-5638

Mario Mattana: Mario, Luca (left) and Giuseppe (right) did took care of Blue Note in Arbatax during the winter 2013-2014.  Mario has a boat yard for storage and can do all kind of work on the boat. Mario is very skill in fiberglass work and repair and I have witnessed the quality and precision of his work. Very honest man who will tell you when something is not in his expertise and he will recommend you someone else. It's possible to sleep on the boat for few days before lunching and also to work on the boat yourself if you choose to do so. Email: (Marios's wife) Tel: +39--349-450-5742

Ray: Based in St. Thomas with Caribbean Inflatable. Ray serviced (at a very reasonable cost) my life raft and was very helpful in inflating it in his large shop and showing me all the feature. Web:  Tel: 340-775-6159

Rick Wilfer: with Harken. Rick has been very helpful in finding the correct replacement part (and providing instructions) for a broken drum of the old MKII Harken furling and he offered to repair the car t-track block. Email:  

Roger Underwood: Based in Ft. Lauderdale with Nance and Underwood Rigging and Sails: Rohger is  very  professional and honest rigger who installed the whisker pole on Blue Note and who have been always very  helpful in helping  me with the many questions nobody else could answer. Email:  Web:

Roy Pinney: Based in Ft. Lauderdale Roy was the broker of the seller from whom I bought Blue Note. Roy was very honest in presenting the boat and after I bought the boat he helped me in finding a temporary dock  in Ft. Lauderdale and he also put me in contact with very good people many of which are referenced here. Email: Web:

Terrie Olver of Kato Marine: Terrie helped me in designing the pole for the wind generator. Because of the canoe stern of Blue Note the mounting of the pole was custom designed and Terri come out with a cleaver design that she illustrated with a nice drawing. I had some specific idea on how the pole would have gone and mounted but Terrie had to correct me and when mounting the pole I realized how my ideas would have been grossly wrong. They also have a photo of Blue Note on their web site. Email: Web:

Thumper Brooks: with  Pacific Seacraft, Thumper has been of invaluable help in supporting the work and fix done on Blue Note. Always prompt to answer my questions, to provide help or to give suggestions. Pacific Seacraft has moved from the West to the East cost and is now based on North Carolina. The company is providing  service for upgrading old Pacific Seacrraft and building new sailboat with the original Crealock design or custom design on commission.  Email: Web:

Tyler Pierce: Tyler is a very expert rigger who works at the Liberty Landing Marina and not only he helped me when I replaced the standing rigging on Blue Note, but also many other times with tips and advice. Email: Tel. (201)333-6755