Check List

Lists that I use to compensate for my failing memory.
(items in the list are not in any specific order)

For preparation of long open water passage:
  • Empty trash 
  • Remove sail covers 
  • Set cleat covers (there are two cleats at the bow that sometime catch the jib line and I cover them as per a tip in the book Offshore Sailing: 200 Essential Passagemaking Tips, William Seifert, Daniel Spurr
  • Set-up Inmarsat Satellite 
  • Set Laptop for satellite (this is important and consist in de-activate automatic update of windows, anti-virus updates etc ...) 
  • Check Satellite operation 
  • Take Sturgeron (anti seasickness medicine that works well for me - Review of Sea Sickness Medicine
  • Prepare drink for upset stomach (I use Gatorade that I keep on the boat in powder form)
  • Turn off 2nd hard disk (the laptop has a 2nd hard disk used for backup that I stop during cruising to reduce power consumption) 
  • Remove grouper 
  • Send email to Blue Note friends 
  • Download weather files: grib and gulf stream (if pertinent with the passage)
  • Set up NavMonPC software 
  • Make emergency tiller store in lazzaratte readily accessible (i.e. not at the bottom of everything) 
  • Put life raft in shower (this turned out to be the best and most accessible place to store the life raft)
  • Check out from marina and return key 
  • Put wheel speed sensor (I use the wheel speed sensor only for long voyage and it is usually removed) 
  • Set lifeswing out (while the boat is at a mooring or at a marina or when single handed sailing the lifeswing is stored inside the boat)
  • Clog chain-pipe opening (I use an old tennis ball to do that) 
  • Check engine cooling water 
  • Check engine oil level 
  • Check transmission oil level 
  • Check water level battery 
  • Check expiration flares 
  • Check/clean water engine strainer 
  • Check rigging by climbing mast 
  • Check cotter pins rigging 
  • Check rigging tension 
  • Empty dinghy-gasoline tank 
  • Fill Diesel tanks 
  • Fill propane gas 
  • Fill-up diesel jars 
  • Fill up water tanks 
  • Check type-V lifevest 
  • Set Jack line 
  • Put bed sheets on settee 
  • Life vest out and ready 
  • Update info SPOT 
  • Check SPOT 
  • Update Coastal Explorer 
  • Clean filter salt water intake head 
  • Clean filter water 
  • Clean filter shower 
  • Tie down anchor 
  • Charge back-up AGM battery 
  • Move "stuff" forward cabin (forward cabin is never used during open water sailing and is used as storage area) 

For leaving the boat unattended for a long period of time at mooring or dock.
  • Pay invoice marina 
  • Close all hatches and porthole 
  • Lock cockpit latch 
  • Put vegetable oil in head (this is mentioned in the Groco manual for the head) 
  • Defrost refrigerator 
  • Drain refigidator 
  • Empty refrigerator and leave lid open 
  • Close LPG gas 
  • Make sure bilge switch is on “auto” 
  • Close seacocks 
  • Put warning at the engine key hole that Engine seacock is closed 
  • Lock vent of tank for gasoline dingy and leave in the cockpit 
  • Wash chain in chain locker 
  • Empty trash 
  • Remove lifeswing 
  • Remove flag 
  • Remove speed wheel 
  • Put zinc grooper 
  • Take car key (it happened to be on the plane flying back home when I realized that I had left the key of the car waiting for me at the airport on the boat) 

For preparing the boat for Hurricane or strong winds. 
  • Remove Genoa & Staysail 
  • Remove lifeswing 
  • Remove flag
  • Remove dodger 
  • Remove bimini 
  • Remove dorades 
  • Remove wheel cover 
  • Tie cover of man-sail 
  • Tie cover of outside instruments with packing tape.
  • Close seacocks 
  • Lock cockpit hatches 
  • Add fenders 
  • Double dock lines
Marco Mastrapasqua,
Nov 2, 2014, 4:03 PM