Peter's Family
Peter was my neighbor  and in 1997 we bought together a Precision 18’ that we kept at a lake. He later sold his share of the small boat to me and he began his quest of buying bigger and bigger sail boats. In 2011 Blue Note rendezvous with Candice and Peter's boat Believe an Hallberg-Rassy 46’ in the Caribbean. 

Nirit and Chris: I met Nirit and Chris on my birthday on February of 2011. We all joined what was presented to us as an easy trek in the mountain of Dominica with a local guide. However, after the “expert” young local guide took a wrong turn we ended up lost in the steep hills of Dominica and barley made it back to a road  before dark (story). Nirit and Chris had sailed from the Mediterranean  with s/v Passepartout, a Wauquiez PS43, and since our first memorable day together in Dominica, Blue Note and Passepartout had rendezvous many times: Guadeloupe, Culebra-Puerto Rico, St. John-USVI, Jost van Dyke in the BVI,  Cuttyhunk MA and in 2014 at Isola d'Elba Italy. 

Lucetta, Alessandro and Blu: I met Lucetta and Alessandro in Rodney Bay on St. Lucia. Typical of the best example of the Italian hospitality they immediately invited me on board of their beautiful 52' Amel Supermaramu  “Gand Cru” for a piatto of pasta. They also convinced me to follow them during their descend south to the Grenadine and I  ended up spending 2012 New Years Eve eating Caribbean lobster on their boat together with more of their Italian friends.


Rinaldo: I know Rinaldo since my summer childhood spent in San Vincenzo. Rinaldo is renovating/building  "Cacciasirene" a 40 feet sailboat in his home town of Grosseto and since 2015 Cacciasirene is in the water and sailing with Rinaldo at every chance he has.

Laura and Fulvio: S/V Bulbo Matto, Very friendly couple who I met at the base of the Pitons in St. Lucia. 

Laurie and Jack: I met Laurie and Jack at the American Yacht Harbor on Red Hook USVI. They had just  come back after spending a year cruising in the  Mediterranean. They invited me on their boat and I come armed with pen and paper to write down all their recommendation. We are still in contact by email and they are always been helpful in answering any question I had.

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