• Main Sail: 9oz XCut Dacron with 4 Full Length Battens, 3 Reefs, 471 sqft
  • Tides Marine "Strong" Sail Track system for main sail
  • Genoa: 471 sqft on Harken #2 roller furling unit 2.
  • Staysail: 125 sqft on Harken #1 roller furling unit 1.
  • Asymmetrical Spinnaker: 1.5oz Contendner Nylon with dousing sleeve (sock) 1080 sqft
  • Doyle-UPS Code-zero sail of Dimension Polyant -CZ 30 with Selden GX 15 - Top Down Furler
  • 65" long custom made bowsprit for Doyle-UPS (Code-zero)  of 3"x3" 1/4" thick square Aluminum 6061 
  • Forespar FC 125 whisker pole
  • Primary winches: 2 Harken self-tailing, 2 speed #53s
  • Secondary winches: 3 Harken self-tailing, 2 speed #40s
  • Additional winch: 1 Harken self-tailing #42
  • Running backstay
Running Rigging:
  • Main Halyard: 110 ft of Endura Braid 10mm
  • Spinnaker Halyard: 127 ft of 11mm Dyneema
Ground tackle:
  • Anchor: 
    • Primary:  Anchor Spade S-120, 55 lbs - Shackle Crosby 3/8" G-209A WLL 4300 lbs
    • Spare: Manson Supreme 45 lbs 
  • 275 feet of 5/16 Acco G4 Hi-test chain and 5/8" x 220' Long - 8 plait (connected with Gunnebo 9/32" WLL 4400 lbs)
  • Spare rode: 150 feet of rode 9/16 3-strand
  • Windlass: Muir VRC Atlantic 1000W
  • Snubber: 60 feet of 5/8" Buccaneer Medallion 8-Plait Nylon Rope  
  • Yanmar 4JH2E - 50 HP
  • Main Fuel Tank fiberglass 67 gallon
  • Secondary fuel  tank 1/8" 5052 smooth aluminum  24 gallon
  • Propeller: MaxProp 4-Blade 18" Variable Pitch Feathering set at 20 degree (increased from 18 to 20 on May 2015)
  • Belt tensioner: by Indigo design
  • Wind: Raymarine ST60 
  • Depth: Raymarine ST60 
  • Speed: Raymarine ST60
  • Chartplotter: Raymarine C90W 
  • NavTable display Raymarine i70
  • Radar: Raymarine RD418HD
  • Autopilot: Raymarine ST6002
  • Autopilot Computer: Raymarine S3
  • Autopilot Linear Driver: Raymarine type-2
  • Rudder transducer: Raymarine
  • Fluxgate: Raymarine
  • AIS transceiver: Raymarine  AIS500 transducer
  • Satellite weather and radio: Raymarine Sirius SR100 (I have not used this since 2013 - nowadays with cell connection you can get radar while near coast and although range for offshore of Sirius is greater not sure is that useful)
  • Compass: Richie SP-5
Computers/Navigation Interface and Software
  • Raymarine E85001 to convert Seatalk to NMEA
  • Serial port to USB converter: Keyspan by Tripp Lite USA-19HS (to send AIS information to Laptop)
  • Lenovo Thinkpad P52 Laptop with WIndows10 (secured to Nav table with velcro)
  • External HD: Western Digital My Passport 1.5 TB USB 3.0 (as back-up and for storing movies)
  • Windows based Chart Plotter: Coastal Explorer
  • qtVlm very good program for weather routing, grib download and grib analysis.
  • GE2KAP - very useful and essential program to generate raster charts from Google Satellite view
  • GPS for laptop: GlobalSat BU-353 USB type.
  • NavMonPc: Very good free software to create virtual port of the NMEA data and record data on laptop.
  • Email software: Thunderbird it's free and allows (for a POP email server) to limit the size of email message that is downloading. If the message is larger than the set size only the header is downloaded and the size is reported. One then can choose to override the restriction on that particular email and download the whole message.
  • Windows firewall to block internet connections while using satellite emails. Very important since it's near impossible to manually dis-activate all programs that communicate over the internet to look for updates. In absence of a firewall in the time to download some short text emails a program could download a 2Gb update at a very high cost. 
Useful website
  • - download of grib file of ocean currents and tidal currents (subscription only)

  • VHF Raymarine Ray218 with remote mic in cockpit
  • Uniden MHS75 Handheld Waterproof VHF
  • VHF cable LMR400 single run from antenna on top to mast to AIS500
  • WiFi antenna on top of mast: 8dBi EAG-2408
  • WiFi booster Ubiquiti Bullet2HP mounted at top of mast
  • Gell fil Cat5e cable from Bullet2HP to Nav-table.
  • Satellite communication: Sailor 150
  • Satellite Garmin Inreach Explorer (to allows friends/family to track Blue Note and to send/receive text messages)
  • Cell phone: Pixel-2 with Google-Fi service (data has same cost in the US and any other country, and phone can receive text message for free)
  • Life Raft: Revere Coastal Commander 6 people in valise.
  • Life vest type V: 3 Mustang Life Jacket automatic inflatable with Harness and crotch strap.
  • Life vest type I: 4
  • Fire extinguisher: 3 Kidde Marine 110 ABC
  • Fire-port into engine compartment
  • EPIRB: ACR Satellite2 406 
  • PLB: ACR AquaLink 406 GPS (attahced to one of the type-V lifevests, this lifevest is always used by the person on watch)
  • Tracker: SPOT
  • Ditch bag
  • Thru hull wood plug and truplug
  • Emergency tiller
  • Drogue: Jordan Series Drogue128 cones on approx 289' rode. approx 159 ' 3/4" tapered to approx 130' 1/2".
  • Stabilizing drogue: 1 section with 15 cones and one with 30 cones that could be combined. 
  • Bridle legs: 7/16ths Dyneema with chafe gear in spliced eyes
  • Radar Reflector: 2 Plastimo tubala radar reflector mounted on the shroud by the upper spreader
  • Radar Reflector: Davis Echomaster radar reflector to be mounted when need it on the flag halyard.
  • Bilge Pump primary : Jabsco 34600-Series 10.8 GPM
  • Bilge Pump secondary: SHURflo-F 2000 32 GPM
  • Bilge Pump Manual operated from cockpit.
  • Bilge high water switch: Water Witch Model 230
  • Bilge Monitor: Aqualarm Smart Bilge Monitor 
  • High water bilge alarm
  • Tank level monitor: SCAD Profile Series 8-Tank Monitoring (can monitor up to 8 tanks)
  • Spot light: Coleman LED 530 lumen 12V rechargable
Electrical System
  • 12V Battery: 520 Ah - 4 Trojan SCS225 130Ah (20h)
  • Inverter/Battery charger Magnum-MS2012
  • Alternator: Installed ElectroMaax 140A Alternator with serpentine belt and Balmar 614 regulator
  • Balmar Smartgauge battery status monitor
  • Rigid Solar on top of bimini: two uniti of  160W panel GrapeSolar GS-S-160
  • Semi-flexible Solar panel on top of dodger: 150 W KingSolar
  • Solar panel MPPT: BlueSky 2512i (one for each of the 160W panel solar panel)
  • Solar panel MPPT: BlueSky 2512i-X(HV) (or each of the 150W panel solar panel)
  • Solar Charge Control and Battery System Monitor: BlueSky IPN-ProRemote
  • Wind Generator: Eclectic Energy D400
  • Wind generator Charge Controller  with diverter: Flexcharge NC25A-12
  • LED light inside the boat and LED navigation lights.
  • VOLTEQ Power Supply HY3020EX 30V 20A (to charge and equalize the batteries while in Europe or in countries with 220 V)
  • Spreader Lights (alogen)
  • Stove: Foce-10 with 3 burner and oven.
  • Grill: Magma Kettle size with attahcment to propane tanks
  • Water: 3 tanks for a total of 140 gallon
  • Propane Tank: 2 tanks of 20 pound each.
  • Propane solenoid: Trident Marine LPG Propane Gas Low Pressure Brass Solenoid Valve
  • Refrigeration unit: Adler-Barbour with large freezer unit
  • Refrigeration thermostat: SCAD SensiStat™ Energy Saver refrigeration controller
  • H2Oout cylinder to avoid condensation in the freezer (it seems to slow down the condensation but in any case the technology is interesting)
  • Two double deep stainless steel sinks
  • Foot pump salt water
  • Foot pump fresh water
  • Vacuum packing: FoodSaver V2460 (also useful to seal open cartage of silicon or chucking)
  • Blender: Cuisinart model SPB-7BK
  • Collapsible salad spinner: CSS-1
  • Lagostina Pressure Cooker 5 liters
  • 1000W hot plate (in case the propane gas stove stop functioning)
  • Head: Groco Model-K with manual pump.
  • Y-valve for sea/tank
  • Holding tank: 12 gallon plastic
  • Holding tank sensor: SCAD External Tank Sensor (Capacitor type)
  • Macerator: Jabsco 18590-2092 Self-Priming Macerator Pump
  • Foot pump fresh water
  • Inflatable dinghy: Achilles LSI-290 Hypalon 4 person
  • Outboard Engine: Yamaha 8HP 2-cycle
  • Road bike Miyata Titanium frame with Carbon fork.
  • Heater: Espar heater D5LC
  • Fan: 3 speed Bora 748CA
  • Dorades Vents 2
  • Hot/cold pressure fresh water (hot water heated by engine or by shore power)
  • On deck wash down salt water pump, FloJet 04325143A 4.5 GPM, 40 PSI, 12 Volt, 6 Amp
  • Cockpit fresh water hot/cold
  • Bimini: drawing1 drawing2
  • Dodger
Media Recording:
  • Nikon D750, lens: 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR AF-S DX Nikkor, 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED AF-S DX
  • Coolpix S4000 12 MP Digital Camera (rarely used)
  • GoPro camera HD HERO5 with underwater case
  • Drone DJI Phantom 4 Pro
  • Flash card reader: Trascend P8
  • Display: LCD-LED 1920x1080p Panasonic_TCL32E5
  • Radio and Stereo: Kenwood KDC-MP3035
  • Speaker: Boss MR752C Marine 7.5" 400 Watt

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