Yael and Marco: On January 4th 2016 Yael and I got married on Blue Note in Salt Pond bay in St. John USVI.

: Skipper and owner of Blue Note. 
Born and raised in Italy where I got my Doctor Degree in Nuclear Engineer from the Politecnico of Milano. Never sailed until  the age of 17 when I attended the sailing school of Caprera where my passion for sail was born. I come to the US in 1990 with a fellowship to work at Bell Laboratories.  

YaelSkipper and owner of Blue Note.  

Yael sailed with Passepartout from the Caribbean to the Azores in 2012 and, looking for more sailing time in 2013, she accepted the offer to join Blue Note for the last stage of the Caribbean to Italy journey: from Marina del Este to San Vincenzo. Beside having made an Atlantic crossing, Yael had already lots of sailing and racing experience in the Mediterranean and she turned out to be a perfect fit with Blue Note. We sailed nearly 900 nautical miles in 12 days from Marina del'Este Spain to San Vincenzo Italy with stops in Formentera, Mallorca, Caprera/Sardegna and Isola d'Elba. On the way we rendezvous with Passepartout and Yales's competitive spirit initiated a match race. We won the first race, although Passepartout later claimed not to be aware of been in a race. The second race was lost due to the unique ability of Blue Note to find herself into a wind-hole. Yael always disengaged the autopilot and enjoyed taking control of the helm of Blue Note, while the Italian crew worked hard following her commands. These are Keren Saig's drawing of the adventures of our passage. Since that day Yael ha yafa has become a lovely living part of Blue Note. Because of the perfect match with Blue Note and I, Yael ha yafa has become partner in life and in sailing. We have sailed together the Mediterranean since we met and then form there back to the Caribbean for an Atlantic Crossing. On February 19, 2015 while on a mooring at St. John USVI, I proposed to Yael and she accepted and on January 4th 2016 while in St. John USVI we got married.

: My lovely daughter who has been sailing with me since she was born.
In 2012, Monique at the age of 17 attended the same sailing school of Caprera that I attended 30 years earlier. IN 2013 she was back for the second course and Blue Note was at Porto Palma in Sardegna in time to pick her up and then sail to San Vincenzo.

Jeff Lewis
: Jeff is a delivery captain and instructor: I met Jeff during the sea trial, pre-purchasing of my boat. Since then I hired Jeff for 4 different long trips: 1) Tampa to Ft. Lauderdale 2) Ft. Lauderdale to New York 3,4)  New York to St. Thomas USVI and back.
Together we total over 4,500 nautical miles of blue water sailing.  I learned so much from him about the boat, seamanship and sail trimming (Jeff was a competitive  sailor). After the third trip I was asking myself if there would have been anything left for him to teach me. There was, and I am sure there would have been also for a fifth trip, but I decided that it was time for me to sail with my own crew.  Now every time a "situation" occurs  during a passage, before taking any action I'm asking myself what Jeff would do?

: I know Michiel since he was 4 years old when I sailed with his father on the canal of Friesland in the Netherlands. Michiel  is now a grown-up man with a vivid spirit of adventure that made him accepting my invitation to come alone  for the NYC to St. Thomas trip of 2011. It was a bit  of a rough trip since we had to go west from the rhumb line to avoid the tropical depression Sean. After arriving to St. Thomas we spent few days recovering and relaxing in Norman Island in the BVI.

Louis: He was a surprise crew. In April of 2012 I could not find any crew to come alone for the trip back to New York from the Caribbean and I was ready to go single handed. But the day right before the scheduled departure, Louis showed up at the dock looking for a chance to crew back to the mainland US. He wanted to go visit some friends in NYC. He was armed with his impressive sailing resume’ with an East-West Atlantic crossing. He was too much of a good coincidence to pass it and I gladly invited him to join me the next day. Louis is an amazing young men:  a professional slack rope circus performer who speaks fluently several languages including Italian. Louis is also a superb sailor with whom I would sail again anytime.

Isabelle & David
: I met Isabelle and David at a conference in Corsica and after drinking few bottles of good French wine I convinced them to join me for the 2012 sail trip from cold NYC to the warmer water of the Caribbean. It was great sailing with this young couple and we had many delicious  meals based on Mahi-Mahi and Pinot Grigio. We arrived in St. Thomas in just over 10 days. After we spent few days in the BVI to relax and recover from all those good meals. 

Lisa & Damien
: I was searching for a crew for the trip from St. Thomas to the Azores using and Lisa and Damien looked as a perfect match. Lisa is from Canada and Damien from France but leaving in the Yukon. They joined me for what turned out, because of lack of wind first and then wind from the "wrong" direction,  a  longer passage than originally planed. The extended sailing time and the calm sea  gave us the chance to do quite a bit of fishing (one of Damien passion) and practicing some French cousin.  

: I met Flavio when, after stage #1 (Caribbean to the Azores) of the trip from the Caribbean to Italy, I was flying back to the USA. The flight was connecting in Lisbon and on the flight from Ponta Delgada to Lisbon it happen that was sitting next to Flavio and Bernardo. Both retired medical doctors from Trieste, who had just spent two weeks trekking the different island of the Azores. Flavio, who owns a Bavaria 34, could not resist the temptation to sail for the first time in the blue waters of the Atlantic from Sao Miguel to Lagos. It turned out that Flavio is also very "passionate" about  hot soups and he travels with his own pressure cooker and a set of beans, lentils and peas. This is a representation by Keren of what the life on Blue Note during the Azores to Lagos passage was like.

Nirit and Chris: Blue Note track crossed the one one Passepartout (Chris and Nirit's boat) many time (see friends page). In 2015 they decided to join Blue Note for the Atlantic crossing from Cape Verde to the BVI. Photos Videos (by Chris): video-1, video-2

Riccardo: Riccardo was my mentor back in Italy when we both spent our summer vacation at our parent's house in San Vincenzo. Riccard taught  me how to fish muggini from a pier next to his house and later how to snorkel and catch octopus. As we grew up we lost contact but in 2013 he was with his beautiful wife Paola in San Vincenzo welcoming the arrival of Blue Note. Since then he come with his wife visiting Blue Note in the BVI. And when in November of 2015 I was looking for a crew for the sail down to the Caribbean, he immediately volunteer. We had a wonderful sail and time together remembering old time. You can read his sailing journal in Italian or in English (rough translation

JohnOur neighbor in New Jersey George and Caroline introduced us to John. John have been following Blue Note adventures and he wanted to join us for a blue water sail. 
Together in May of 2016 we sailed about 1500 nautical miles double-handed, since Yale could not join us, from St. Thomas USVI to Oxford MD.

Ronit and Mark: They live not far from our house in New Jersey and they both are active sailors: racing with dinghy and coastal cruising with their Sabre 34. They wanted to experience a blue water sail, so they joined us for the sail in November of 2017 from the cold water of Oxford MD to the warmer waters of Antigua. After near 1700 nautical miles on Blue Note, they are considering upgrading their boat to a Gozzard 36 and sail south during the cold New Jersey winters.

Lucia and EtienneWe met Lucia (born in Uruguay but leaving in Spain) and Etienne (from France) in St. Pierre in Martinique in January of 2018. 
They asked us what time it was .... and we ended up sailing with them in February from Antigua to the San Blas island of Panama. Spend three weeks with  them in the San Blas and then sail together to Cartagena de Indias in Colombia for a total of about 
1600 nautical miles. Video of our sailing from Antigua to Obaldia.

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