The Story

The Adventures of Three Little Birds

The Leonard Family - Scott, Mandi, Griffin, Jake and Luke - will be spending 3 years traveling around the world on their 50 foot sailboat, Three Little Birds.

During this trip, Scott will continue to run his businesses remotely from the boat and with quarterly trips back to California.

A core purpose of this adventure is exposing the boys to other cultures.  Additionally, this trip will provide a real-life example of the ability to run a business from virtually anyplace. With modern technology, the old paradigm of being anchored to a desk needs to be shattered.

There are numerous articles relating to technology and how it has invaded people lives, chaining people to the office with the blackberry and iPhone.  The corollary to this is that work can be taken anywhere and everywhere. I like to call this “always connected but never there.”

We hope that you find our story inspiring to go and live your dreams and to establish a balance between work and life.

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