Sailing on König by Jim King

             Sailing on the St. John's River,                             Trailering from Virginia to Florida for the              Flying my new Assymetrical Spinnaker,    
                 Jacksonville, FL (2009)                                    Jacksonville Macgregor Get-Together (2011)                          Mayo, MD

König is a 2005 Macgregor 26M "Power Sailor" with a retractable dagger-board style keel and 40 H.P. 2-stroke engine.  It is capable of 6+ knots under sail and 15+ knots under power.  More infomation on Macgregor 26 sailboats can be found at the Macgregor 26 Website.
I hope you will enjoy reading about my adventures with König and the photos in the links below.  
I had been day-dreaming about sailing for several years but never did anything other than read a couple of books until I finally took a 3-day ASA sailing course in October 2006.  I took a combo ASA 101/103 course with St. Augustine Sailing in St. Augustine, Florida.  On day one I sailed on a J-24 and on day two I sailed on a Catalina 30 on the Tolomato River.  On day three we took a brand new Hunter 44 out into the Atlantic.  Three days of sailing and I knew I was hooked for life.

Three weeks later I bought König in November 2006 from it's original owner in Tarpon Springs, FL.  From November 2006 until March 2007 I kept König at the base marina at Jacksonville Naval Air Station, FL and would recruit "volunteers" from my squadron or my family to go sailing with me on the St. Johns River just about every weekend.  In March 2007 I trailered König up to my house in Valdosta, GA for a thorough cleaning and some initial modifications prior to a trip I had planned.  

Sailing on König in Norfolk, VA -- Apr - Jun 2007 

In July 2007 the USAF decided they needed me to move to London, England for three years.  I left König in storage in Jacksonville.  But that didn't keep me from sailing...I did some sailing in the UK and I flew back to the States three different times and took König out for a sail.
Moved back to the U.S. in July 2010.  Now my new sailing grounds is the Potomac River south of Washington D.C. and I keep König at the Fort Belvoir Marina.
March 2011 took König out of Ft. Belvoir Marina and trailered to a Mercury service center for some engine work.  Then to my house for some overdue washing/waxing and some small projects.  I have a spot lined up over at Casa Rio Marina in Mayo, Maryland and hope to be over there and sailing on the Chesapeake by early April. 
Jacksonville Macgregor Get-Together 2011 -- Labor Day Weekend 2011   5 days, 1456 miles trailering, 50 miles sailing, 127 miles motoring, 13 Macgregors and a FANTASTIC weekend. 

Pirate Fest 2011 held the first weekend of October in Beaufort NC was a ton of fun.
Sippy Cup 2012  -- An overnight race on the Chesapeake with 6 boats
OCTOBER 2012 -- Poor König is sitting in my yard at my new house in Mississippi as I am spending all my time sailing on my recently acquired bigger Catalina 310.  Hopefully I can splash him later this Fall or early next year.

König was sold to a couple in Pensacola, FL.  I was very sad to let him go but I figured it was better than letting him sit in my yard not being used.  I hope that the new owner has as much fun and great adventures with König as I had.
For a lot of my sailing adventures check out my YouTube channel 
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11 Aug 2012

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 2 Aug 2009

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4 Aug 2012

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 2 Aug 2009

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  24 Mar 2012

Here is a list of my Modifications and Upgrades
And here are some more Miscellaneous Photos of König
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