1. I have never stepped on a boat. Can I join Duke Sailing? 

We invite everyone, regardless of previous experience, to join our club. Our practices and regattas are structured in such a way that we are able to challenge from the most experienced to the most novice sailors. 

2. When and where do you practice? 

Our recently renovated practice facilities are located at Falls Lake in Durham, NC, which is about twenty minutes from campus. We hold practice every Saturday from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM. We also hold other practices throughout the week.

3. What type of boats do you sail? 

Our fleet consists of six brand new collegiate 420s. This is the most common boat used in collegiate sailing.  

4. What regattas do you attend? 

Duke Sailing is a proud member of the SAISA collegiate sailing association. Therefore, we attend regattas throughout the South including Charleston, Clemson, Tennessee, and Wilmington. At times, we also go to NYC and Annapolis. 

5. How much does it cost to join? 

We operate under a two-tier due system: 

Practice Dues ($100)
    You are able to attend our Falls Lake practices and other on-campus events. 

Racing Dues ($300) 
    You can attend Falls Lake practices, off-campus events, dry practices and all regattas. When you come to any off-campus event hotels, transportation and boat rental are provided. You only pay for food! 

6.Should I be able to swim? 

Yes. Due to safety concerns, in order to join Duke Sailing you must pass a basic swimming test. You will not be allowed to sail before this swimming test takes place. 

7. Can graduate students or faculty members join? 

Yes, but only as members of our practice team because SAISA only allows college undergraduates to participate in regattas. 

8. What's the time commitment? 

We are not incredibly strict when it comes to this, but we do expect all of our members to at least come to practice every week. 

If you have any other questions, please email us at sailingduke@gmail.com.