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  Have you ever wondered what it is all about?

  Gone to work in the morning, and not known why?

  Sat and watched TV, and asked, is this all there is?

  Would you like to have more Adventure in your

             Life but just don’t have the time?


  Have you watched your loved ones grow apart?

  Listened to them argue, listen to them scream?

  While you looked out the window; not listening?

  Would you like to have more Romance in your life

             But just don’t care to try?


  Have you ever watched clouds blown by the wind?

  Felt an unfulfilled space deep inside?

  Do you feel alone, oh, so alone?

  Would you like to have more Friends but just

             Don’t have the nerve?


  Have you ever wanted to be free?

  Really, honestly, totally free?

  Free to live as you wish, to do as you wish?

  However you want; whenever you want?

             But you are too busy obeying?


  If you have ever felt like that,

  This is the book you have been looking for.

  The inspiration for a new and better life.

  It’s in your hands, It’s up to you, now.

             Buy it, Read it, Live it.


  Unless, of course, you don’t have the time, don’t  

  care, are too afraid, or are too busy obeying?

Are You?


I would never ask you to buy a book

without reading a sample. 

Would you buy a car without a test drive? 

Below in no particular order are my books, 

Check 'em out!



Education of a Falcon by Mike Riley

This is the true story of my son's education during a double circumnavigation of the globe!

It is full of True Romance and Adventure! Follow the incredible adventures of Mike, Karen, Falcon and the Voodoo dog Ilia as they sail in search of an everlasting honeymoon!

Read in horror as the trio experiences shark attack, whale rammings, pirates, hurricanes; but laugh as they somehow get through each challenge.

Some live lives of quiet desperation; but not this group! Share their continuing adventures. Laugh with incredible happiness. Cry and use up all your hankies. This is the real thing.  This is the life you can live also.  Why don't you? You can, you know.  It is out there waiting for you.  Check out this book to see if this life is for you.

Here are a couple of FREE chapters to whet your appetite!               

Education Free Chapters                                                 

Not bad, Huh?  Wow!                                                                

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If we ever meet up in some far off port, come along side.  I print all my books on board with a printing press I invented.  Buy some books and share some home brew!

74,000 words


The Tigers will Eat you Alive by Mike Riley

Why do people enjoy telling horror stories? Stories that are intended to scare you from your intended course in life. In this book follow more of Mike and Karen's earlier adventures sailing around the world. Important book for sailors intending to go foreign. Funny and zany, it still drives home an important message.

Buy the e-book or the softback at http://www.amazon.com/author/mike-riley

13,000 Words

Here are a few FREE pages to check out the book!  Enjoy!  I sure had fun living and writing it!

Read a few FREE pages to see what you think!  Click here: The Tigers Will Eat You Alive



How To Turn Your Woman into a Raving Nymphomaniac  by Mike Riley

Women are complicated.  They really, truly are.  Ask any guy, he will tell you.  However, us men can influence women.  We can turn them into great lovers.  We can turn them into nymphomaniacs!  This book shows you how.

Part of the reason women are complicated is they are ruled by their hormones at least half of the days of their lives.  These hormones influence their behavior so strongly that at times men would swear they act like at least two different girls in one body.  By using the techniques in this book, you, Dear Reader, will be able change their hormone cascade to make them a caring mother and wonderful wife at one time and then a raging sex goddess at another.

Guys rule!  With this book in your back pocket, your life will be near perfect!  And your girl will be smiling every hour of every day.  Sorry to tell you this, guy, but women need sex far more than men do.  It is like a big secret.  If men knew how easy it was to turn women into mindless sex machines, women would be at the mercy of any man they met.  That is the last thing they want.  Girls want to be in the drivers seat.  They want men to love them when they want to be loved, not the other way around!  If any guy is going to love them, to rule them when sex rules their minds as well as their bodies, it better be Mr. Right.  This is the secret of why women are so complicated.

When you have made love to your girl really, really well, (we aren't necessarily talking about you getting your rocks off!) she becomes a different creature.  It is impossible not to love a girl when she has just had 5 or 6 orgasms in a row.  Orgasms change the hormones in your honey's blood stream.  Multiple orgasms turn her into the most delightful creature in the world.

Buy this book right now, men.  Time is a wasting.  There are so many women in the world who are dying to meet you.  Dying to meet a man in the know.  Dying to meet a man who can make them happy, if only for a few hours, a couple of days or for a life time of devotion.  The choice is yours.  You lucky man, you!

Some people on the internet are jealous of this books success.  They accuse me of promoting rape.  Hardly!  My first sexual experience is being raped.  I would never wish that on anyone.  Anyway, this book does push the limit, presenting ideas and facts that have never been thought of or presented before.  Judge for yourself. 

30,000 Words

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Check out a few FREE chapters to see what exactly I am talking about.

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The Hong Book by Mike Riley

On the West Coast of Thailand above Phuket lie one of nature's most incredible displays of beauty combined with awesome adventure. Long forgotten by the world the secrets of the world of the Hongs is detailed in this cruising guide. It has been out of print for years but by popular demand is returned here in its former glory. A must for any complete sailing library.

8,000 Words

Click here for a few FREE sample chapters: Hong Book

Buy the e-book or the softback here http://www.amazon.com/author/mike-riley


Boat Improvements in Exotic Ports While Circumnavigating by Mike Riley

Why work seemingly forever to get your boat ready to go cruising? Go now, fix her up as you sail from one paradise to the next. This is a lighthearted look at one couple who did just that, and are still somehow married and in love. Read about how you and yours can convince yourself that you are in heaven even though the boat is sinking, the GPS is receiving Fm radio, you are clearing into a country in revolution with bullets flying over and thru the yacht club, and the stove is convinced it is a robot. This is one book you have to have when your world is in chaos and you need something to make you laugh.

33,000 Words

Check out a FREE couple of chapters:  Boat Improvement

Buy now at my book page


The Good, the Bad and the Pirate

  by Mike Riley

        A work of fiction, well mostly!  A family is starting out their cruising experience, intending to have such a good time, when a crew member they picked up to help with the first leg, pirates the boat!  They fought back every way they could, but the pirate was younger, faster and far more aggressive.  What could they do?

       Read about their experience, relive what it is like to be a pirate, or to be pirated, find out the difference between good and bad at sea!   Sailors and landlocked alike won't be able to put this book down.   Not for very young readers.  It is very intense at times and the bad guys are really BAD!  

70,000 Words

Here are some FREE chapters for your enjoyment!:


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How to Thrive on a Tropical Deserted Island

A Primer for the Shipwrecked


Living off the Land in Paradise

Discover the secrets of survival!

Find out how to:


Start a fire by rubbing two sticks together,

In a way that really works!

Weave a coconut leaf hat to go beach combing in.

Build an outrigger canoe

Discover and prepare delicious new foods to eat

Make your own natural medicines, just in case.

Distill your own arrack

Learn tool less Polynesian Navigation

Make your own stone tools

  What would happen if you lost your boat and ended up on a deserted island?  Could you survive?  Barely?  Why not thrive?  Why not build a paradise with your own two hands?  You can do it.  This book shows you how.  Instead of a disaster, have the time of your life playing Swiss Family Robinson!

 Tired of being shown up at potlucks?  Find out about many tropical plants and animals that can grace your table.  Bring the tropics to your yacht club, home table, picnics.  Instill in your mate the desire to sail to new horizons, explore new islands, to take a step to the other side of the unknown, to a paradise all your own.  All you need is to know how.  This is the book you need to lead the way.

       You will love this one.  It is hilarious and informative.

"Too bad it is only 225 pages.  I could read it forever!"  Karen Riley 

70,000 Words

Check out the FREE chapters here!:


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The Treasures of Cocos Island

Cocos Island exists. 

The treasures are real.

None have ever been found, yet.

This book explains where the treasures might be.

It is a fictional account.

I have never been there.  Never.  I say again, if any IRS agents are listening, I Have Never Been There!

Anyway, to continue.

An expedition heads off to search for the Treasures.   So do a lot of other people.  Good and Bad.  Some very bad.  Crooks, scientists, miners, billionaires, sailors and a lot others.  Who will find the gold?  And the silver?  And the life size statue of the Blessed Virgin encrusted in gems?  

Fact:  There is so much gold on that one little island, it could pay off the National Debt of the United States.

Fact:  Over 50 pirates have left their treasures on Cocos, including Sir Francis Drake.

Fact:  None has ever been found!

159,000 Words

If you dream of finding buried treasure, this is your book!  Buy it today!  Why wait?  Someone else will get it first!  Hurry! 

Check out some FREE chapters here:


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How to Time Your Sewing Machine

Or how to make your wife so happy, she will love you forever!

Is your sewing machine sitting in a closet somewhere because the damn thing just won't work?


Help is at hand!

This book explains the timing and tension problems of sewing machines and how to fix them; and it does it in a humorous way that you will enjoy as you fight with the beast!  Soon, your life will be easier, your wife will be happier, you will be luckier! 

Read this book.  It'll change your relationship!
16,000 Words


Read some Free pages! Click here:


Edens I Have Known and Loved
52 Paradises on the Seven Seas

It is a big world out there.  No matter how many times they say that the world is shrinking, you can still spend your life searching for hidden paradises.  Let me make your life easier.  Here are 52 (and one added in for luck) edens that I have discovered in a life time of cruising.  

Some are Edens because of incredible beauty, others because of an aura that surrounds and enhances you when you enter such a paradise. 

All are great! 

Want to know more?  Check out some FREE chapters!  Here:


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The Cordon Rouge Cookbook

by Mike Riley

I have always thought that cookbooks are boring for guys.  And threatening.  All those recipes and not knowing which to make.  Not knowing if you will even like the recipe until you have gone to all the effort of making it. 

This book not only tells you want the recipe is like, but also how and where in the world I found it, and even some history of how it was developed! 

There are girl recipes but more importantly, there are guy recipes.  Do you girls want your man to cook more?  Give him a recipe written in guy talk!

Check it out!  Here are some FREE pages!  Just for you!

Cordon Rouge
35,000 Words

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How to Turn Your 60+ Man Into a Red Hot Lover

How your Man Can Increase his Testosterone by Making You Orgasm

Men are complicated.  Damn it.  It is tough to get laid in this man's world.  And just as you are reaching you sexual peak, the men are loosing interest.  There should be a law. 
However there is a way!

If you can get your man to bring you to orgasm, he will be so hard that you can make love for most of the night.  It isn't hard.  This book describes in detail how to do it, and in case you aren't exactly sure where your 10 orgasm causing spots are, this book has pictures included for instruction. 

Well worth the money!!!

Want a few FREE chapters?  Why Not!  Red Hot Lover

24,000 words.

Click here for a book that will change you life!  NO JOKE!


How to Beat Microsoft's

Minesweeper Advanced


This is not a book of cheats.

It is a genuine real book about how to train your intelligence

to be able to beat consistently the most difficult computer game

Ever Designed!

Section by section it details how to logically out think minesweeper.

Can't say more than that.

Check out the FREE pages!


8,000 Words

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Men Are So Easy

The War of the Sexes is not over.  We women have made wonderful strides towards equality however men still think they are in control.  But no longer!


This book brings the women in the world into control.  About time, too! 


“A great step forward for women worldwide.  Ms Riley has struck a blow for all womankind.”

                              Women’s Daily


“A unique and effective method for personal control and stabilization of relationships.”

                               Psychology Weekly  


“I have a new personal heroine,  Ms Riley has lifted my husband’s thrall off my shoulders!  Thank you, Michelle, you have made life worth living again!”

                                Dorothy Sagan



Men are all about Sex


Oh, stop complaining!  Yes, sex is all men think about.  What else is new?  That is the way God made them.  It isn’t their fault.  That is like blaming the male Praying Mantis for being so involved in his love making that the lady Praying Mantis can snip his head off and eat it while he keeps on pumping away.  It is just the way God made that species.  And don’t go blaming Her!  My goodness, She only had 6 days to make the entire universe.  Give Her a break!  So what if she had to cut a corner here and there.  It was a tough job.  She made Adam first.  And, yes, I agree.  She gave him way too much sex drive.  But why did She allow him to play with his sexual equipment all day long?  It is so gross!  Yes, I know, he didn’t have Eve at first.  How could he even know what his goodies were made for?


The way those men are always touching it, scratching it, dare I say fondling it?  I really think that they would rather lose an arm than their penis.  There!  I said it!  There is nothing wrong with using the proper name for things.  In Biology class I would have been marked wrong if I didn’t use the proper name for things.  Ladies.  Let’s make a deal among ourselves.  Let’s call things by their proper names during the lessons in this book.  It will make things go much faster.


Men love their penis and balls.  I suppose I should have said testicles, but ‘balls’ is so much more fun isn’t it?


Every morning when waking, the first thing men do is reach down and pull their balls out from between their legs.  They do!  Wake up early and watch your man!  Maybe it is some weird form of yoga.  Salute to the Sun for penises!  (Penii?)  What would they think if we spent half the day scratching ourselves down there?  They would call us sluts or worse.  Life is so unfair.  But then we don’t spend the whole day long thinking about sex.  We have more important things to think about. 


Someone has to keep body and soul together.  Someone has to do all the chores that make life a pleasure.  Men don’t do chores, or if they do, they do them poorly.  I guess if they think about sex all day long, we can’t expect them to do a complicated thing like sweeping the floor and do it well.  To say nothing about vacuuming!  Maybe that is why the lady Praying Mantis eats her man towards the end of sex.  He wasn’t doing any of the chores and the house was a mess.  She is only going to make love once in her life, so why keep a useless man around?  Besides, imagine telling him to lift his legs while vacuuming.  All eight of his legs.  OK, six legs and two arms if you are making a list.  Some readers are so picky and say so endlessly in letters they insist on sending to me!


So, what can we do about this, girls?  How can we get men to behave, to behave without constantly telling them what to do?  Without turning ourselves in to nags and evil witches?  There has to be a way.  Some women have perfectly behaving husbands, boyfriends and/or lovers.  Why can’t we?  How can we turn our man’s constant infatuation with sex into a tool to influence their behavior? 


That is what this book is all about.  I know, in fact all women know, men can’t be changed.  However, we can get them to act civilized for a few hours, days if we are lucky.  Don’t become too proud of your first success, for just when you are ready with a few words of praise, there they are getting out of bed, scratching themselves down there and looking out of the window at the girl next door.  Men!  Can’t live with them and the cops take a dim view of us ladies chopping their heads off and eating them.  Maybe insects have it right.


Never fear.  After reading this short book, after studying these lessons, you will be in the driver’s seat.  You will be the top honcho.  (Honcho-ess?) 


Are you ready for a few secrets?  Here is a spare pillow. Curl up with me.  I made a cup of tea for you and it is still hot.  Have a sip and let’s open the book.

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      Karen Learning to Navigate


   Life is tough for boat improvers.

             Really Tough!

Can we just forget all about it?