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March 1, 2012

posted Mar 1, 2012, 1:32 PM by April Fountain
Passenger Log: Susan 

 5th day of passage from Honolulu to Christmas, Fanning and Washington Islands.

On the date of our arrival, February 21st, Kwai seemed to be loaded to the gills, but throughout the 22nd, Brad, Supercargo Frankie, Skipper Evy and all the crew continued to stow a further mountain of goods. Thursday the 23rd was tidy up and tighten straps day and then, under the benign eyes of two unusual and picturesque stevedores (required by law) we released our lines at 16:00 and were off. Brad and Ethan, both looking as if they wanted to be on board, waved goodbye from the pilot boat.

It took a little time - 2 1/2  days - to get used to Kwai's swinging hips. Being in the lee of the Big Island for the best part of a day either helped or hindered recovery times, but now discomfort is forgotten in the joy of rolling our way across this beautiful blue ocean. I am sitting at the stern table looking to starboard with the wind at my back, hair in my eyes composing this. Flying fish are leaping up, skimming the water and plopping back into waves pretty much constantly. A booby swoops around occasionally, and one took a rest on the gaff around noon on the third day. At 23:30 last night, what seemed to be a baby booby flopped down in an ungainly heap on the pile of cargo below the bridge. It sat, sheltering behind the Zodiac, bulking confusedly in the deck light which was on while a crew member made the last cargo check of the 8 - 12 watch. The booby stayed the night, only launching away when Evy tried to serve it flying fish for breakfast.

Speaking of food, the smell coming from the galley at this moment is making me feel faint with hunger. The food on Kwai is provided by the cool and  mysterious 'cookie', Leslie. She clatters around in the terribly cramped galley and produces meals like Duck a l'Orange, for goodness sake - accompanied by rice, vegetables and a couple of salads. Lots of food, good food. more than enough for the twelve of us. 

Sorry, got to go. Duty calls. More later.