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Photo/Video Gallery Archive

If the slideshow is going too quickly, click on the pause button in the middle of the photo and then manually advance the photos by clicking the right arrow either forward or back to view. 

Cargo is KING!

V32 Rarotonga, Cook Islands Te Maeva Nui 2015 Celebration!

YouTube Video

Cook Islands, Rarotonga Te Maeva Nui 2015

YouTube Video


You Tube Video by Ben Vroom

YouTube Video

Voyage 29

Voyage 29

Voyage 28

Voyage 28 Honolulu and Beyond

Voyage 27

Voyage 27 Honolulu Dock

Voyage 26

Voyage 25 underway

Voyage 25 Honolulu

Voyage 24

Voyage 23- Honolulu dockside 

Refit work in Hawaii (Big Island)  with Shore crew

Voyage 22 Southbound

Voyage 22

Voyage 21 Southbound

Voyage 21a

                                                                                      Voyage 20 Southbound

Voyage 20

Voyage 19

Voyage 19

 Voyage 18

Voyage 17

Voyage 16

  Various cargo shots from different voyages

Past Crew members of the KWAI
If you see any discrepancies in names and/or dates, please report them to me. 

If you have worked or sailed on the KWAI and do not see your picture in this photo montage and you have some, please email them to me and I'll make sure you are included in this gallery. 


The following video was taken in 2009 by one of our surfer passengers, Urs,  that we took to Tabuaeran, Kiribati.
My oh my....whatda wave! 

We were very happy and privileged to be able to coincide a cargo pickup during the once every 4 year, Pacific Arts Festival which took place in Samoa in  2008. 
Here is a beautiful video which shows short snippets of this amazing festival. 
The next festival takes place in the Solomon Islands in 2012. Very out of our way and unlikely that we will be able to be there but as it shows many of the diverse people and cultures who live in the South Pacific and that we make deliveries to, I am including it here.

Stand by for more pictures and videos on this page in the future

~Aloha nui loa~