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How to ship Cargo

We only are able to ship cargo to Islands in Kiribati and The Cook Islands.

We ship cargo two ways. One if you bring us your cargo to the ship and the other, if we shop and ship for you.  

We describe both below.

Steps if you are bringing your cargo to us for shipping:
In Honolulu. Contact us to find out our upcoming schedule and to reserve space if you have more the 1 cubic meter (m3). 
We operate on a first come first serve basis so the sooner you ask to reserve space the better
All your items must be clearly labeled with name and Island they are going to. 
All your cargo must be put on a pallet to get it onto the ship. We often have them available at the dock but if you are able to bring your own please do so. 
If you have several items they should be wrapped in plastic. You are responsible to bring your own plastic roll and wrap your items. 
If your cargo is new (not used), we will need a copy of ALL your receipts. This is required by customs.
You will be asked to fill out a dock receipt with Shipper ( your name, address and either telephone number or email address and CONSIGNEE( the name of the person cargo is going and Island. We will then use the receipt to go measure your cargo and give you a total price for shipping. You will get a copy of this receipt before you leave. 
We charge by volume and our unit of measurement is cubic meters or m3. 
Our shipping price has not changed in several years but please inquire as to our price before you bring your cargo so as to avoid any misunderstanding at the dock. 
We ask that you pay for your shipping at the time you drop off your cargo. Please allow us time to measure your cargo and figure the price.   
We accept payment in cash or local checks. We do not take credit cards. 
You will also need to fill out a CCVO form for customs. This form asks you for Quantity, Description and Value of each item you are shipping. If you would like to  fill this out prior to coming to the dock, we will be happy to email you a form. You will need to sign and date this on the bottom. 

If you are shipping a vehicle to Kiribati:
Please check with the Captain to make sure there is enough room on the ship for your vehicle. We have limited space for vehicles on any given voyage. 
It is very important that the title of the vehicle be put in the persons name that will be taking the vehicle for customs inspection. If that person is not available, the owner of the vehicle needs to provide a notarized letter stating who will be bringing the vehicle into customs. 
KWAI will provide you with a form to fill out with the details that we need to prepare the papers for customs. Along with this form, we will ask you for a copy of the Title. 
Once we have the information we will apply for an export number. Once we have that, We will give you a Bill of Lading that includes that export number. The owner takes this document to customs along with the vehicle being shipped. The vehicle must be completely empty for inspection. The inspection date can not be ANY LESS then 72 hours prior to the ship sailing. 
If passed by customs they will stamp your Bill of lading. Please bring this stamped document, the keys and the title to the shipping dock for drop off. 
We will ask for payment in full for the vehicle at the shipping dock. 

If you would like us to shop for you and ship your cargo: 

If you have an agent on the Island you live on, please check with him or her to use an order form. In this form you will see many of the popular items we can shop for and approximate prices for each. 
These prices reflect what we were able to buy them for but may not be what we can get them for again. They are to be used as a guide only. 
Please indicate how many of each and what size when asked. Please give us as much information about the item you want as possible. If the item is electronic and/or higher priced we ask that you give your agent a 50% deposit to insure that you will pay for your item when we bring it to you. 
If you have access to the internet, please locate the exact product you want and email us with the page so we can get the right thing for you. 
Here are some websites that you may find useful. These are not links so just cut and paste into your web browser. 
www.costco.com; www.samsclub.com; www.homedepot.com; www.amazon.com; www.walmart.com
Please note that the stores will not ship all the items to Hawaii, especially if they are heavy. 
When sending us an order, please remember to say how many you want (if it's a box or a pkg write that in the order too) example 1 box of 50 bic lighters. Or if there is an order number, do tell us quantity, the item number and the website you found it on. 
Our email for ALL orders is cargo@svkwai.com only. Please do not email any orders to the supercargo or to Brad. 
We charge a 20% fee for buying and processing any orders and the shipping by volume for your items. You are also required to pay any VAT to your country's customs. 
We will measure all your items to get our shipping charge and let you or the agent know about how much your total is. 

We can not send an invoice with each persons totals until after the ship leaves Honolulu. 

If you have any other questions about shipping cargo, please do email us at cargo@svkwai.com.