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New Topsail rig
KWAI has departed Honolulu, Hawaii 23 June 2014

Voyage 29

All dates are subject to change and will be updated here as soon as possible

Teraina (Washington Island): 8-9 July
Tabuaeran: 10-13 July
Kiritimati: 14-15 July
Penrhyn Cook Islands: 21-22 July
Manihiki: 24-26 July
Rarotonga: 1-6 August
Palmerston: 10 August
Nassau: 13 August
Pukapuka: 14-16 August
Manihiki: 19-22 August 
Penrhyn: 25-26 August
Kiritimat: 1-3 September
Tabuaeran: 4-7 September
Teraina: 8-9 September
Tabuaeran: 10 September
Kiritimati: 12-14 September
Tabuaeran: 15-17 September
Kiritimati: 18-20 September
Tabuaeran: 21-23 September
Honolulu, Hawaii 30 September 

All dates for Kiribati are in Kiribati time zone or +1 to US dates

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