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Voyage 32 Schedule

Honolulu Depart 6 June, 2015

Kiritimati (Christmas)
 15-19 June, 2015
Tabueran (Fanning)      
20 June, 2015
Teraina (Washington)   
23 June, 2015
Tabueran (Fanning) 
27 June, 2015
Kiritimati (Christmas)  29 June-01 July, 2015
Penrhyn, Cook Islands  
 06 July, 2015
Rakahanga, Cook Islands
 09 July, 2015
Manihiki, Cook Islands    
 10 July, 2015
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
 17 July, 2015

Kiribati dates are Kiribati time(Hawaii, Cook Island date +1)

The schedule is subject to change due to an additional Kiribati Outer island trip or an additional Northern Group to Rarotonga trip.

We are no longer accepting any cargo at the dock in Honolulu. We are full. Thank you very much.

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