Business Plan

Island Ventures Ltd.

Sailing Forward with the SV Kwai

Island Ventures Ltd. is now preparing to start the refit of Kwai to a full sailing ship. She has been operating on her chosen cargo route for two years and is now breaking even in this trade. After 3 years of refit, we took her to the Pacific to operate with a small sailing rig which has been very successful harnessing wind power on both legs of our route. We are burning less than half of the fuel we would need under power and made several trips where we rarely used the main engine. (Read More...)

Mission Statement

The purpose of KWAI is to carry cargo, passengers, and sail training cadets in a well found sailing vessel between the islands of the Pacific Ocean. The objectives include:

· To finish the refit of the KWAI as a strong safe sailing ship for world voyaging, with accommodations for 12 paying passengers and cadets and 8 professional crewmembers.

· Establish the vessel in a proven trading route between Hawaii and Rarotonga in the Cook Islands with trading stops in the Line Islands (Christmas, Fanning and Washington) and the Northern Cooks.

· Build solid non-exploitive relationships with the Pacific Islanders by means of trade, local tours for the passengers and fetes aboard and ashore.

· Incorporate facilities for divers, researchers and scientific personnel to make the ship suitable for expedition charters.

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