Sai Kung hashing has now been augmented by the Hebe Hash House Harriers (Hebe H3) who can be found at:

SKSH3 will likely hold occasional special runs e.g what used to be the annual Magical Mystery Tour (see run reports).

SKSH3 is a family and dog friendly cross-country, hare & hounds type running club usually meeting every 3rd Saturday of every month, frequently* at "Plod's Pagoda" in Wan King Path, Sai Kung, Hong Kong:

Runs normally start at 4pm in Winter and 5pm in Summer. The GMD or GM may add any extra runs they see fit.

Run Fee is $20 to cover the cost of chalk & flour, ice, snacks and down-down beer. 
Post-run drinks are $10/beer, $5/soft drink. 
Cost of OnOn meal is pro rata for those attending, subsidised by any excess hash cash.

* Check Next Run or Current Hareline (on the left) for Details

All are welcome. 

Contact Founder/GMD: or (852) 9307 2041

See below for more information........

SKSH3 is a Family Hash; all cultures, shapes, sizes, ages, sexes and pets are welcome as well as runners, joggers, walkers and others who just prefer to stay in Plod's Pagoda (or wherever the Start is) for a convivial drink.

A Hare or two lay a trail of flour and chalk, predominantly cross-country, with checks, check-backs and turn-backs to slow the front runners in the following Pack and allow the slower runners and walkers to catch up.  The trail is usually pre-laid but is occasionally “live” and usually finishes where it starts about 1 hour to 1 ½ hours later. There is usually a Rambos/Runners and Whimps/Walkers option.                                         

The run is concluded with a Circle at which the Hares are toasted or criticised and the “sinners” are rewarded with “Down-Downs” (usually smallish glasses of beer).  An optional Bash or OnOn for food and drink usually follows in one of Sai Kung's many eateries. 

SKSH3 will usually run on every 3rd Saturday of Every Month but will also run on any other day at any time or place of the Hare’s choosing and with the GMD's or GM's approval. 

More about us and hashing in general:

For the uninitiated, the Hash House Harriers are a World wide “Drinking Club with a Running Problem”, started in Kuala Lumpur in 1938 by homesick Englishmen; Cecil Lee, Frederick "Horse" Thomson, Ronald "Torch" Bennett , John Woodrow and Albert Stephen Ignacious "G" Gispert. More here: 

 SKSH3 is twinned with The Wrestlers H3 in Cambridge, England, a similar hash which runs every Turd Turdsday.                 

SKSH3 organised the 2008 Santa Hash which raised HK$ 78,220 for Hong Kong's annual charity fund raiser, Operation Santa Claus: