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what we need

At Sai Ashram most of all we need like minded volunteers to come and spend some time and their affections on the dogs.

However , if you don't have the time to contribute you can drop off the following items at the address listed below-
1 pedigree
2 cerelac for puppies
3 rice
4 daliya
5 dog biscuits and others like Marie, Parle G, Tiger etc
6 Chewy bones , rawhide, choosticks etc
7 newspaper
8 dettol/savlon
9 cotton rolls
10 medicines like ridd, neomec,gamascab etc
11 tick powders and shampoo

You can drop them off at the Carpet Cellar
1 Anand Lok,
opposite kamala Nehru College,
Shri Fort Road,
Khel Gaon Marg,
New Delhi