R. Sai Anand



Family News/Events:

Japan trip: I was in Tokyo in May 2005 for attending the WWW 2005 conference. Here are some photos from the trip
Convocation: The Promotionsfeier (convocation) took place on 25.6.2004. Here are some photos (1,2,3). This is how the certificate looks like.
For those that are German-challenged here is a PDF version of the certificate in English that I created (for fun purposes)!
"Dr."-title approved: As of 27.4.04, ETH has officially conferred the "Dr. Sc." degree on me. Hurray!
My PhD defense: The D(r)-day was on the 16.2.2004. The official formalities for conferring the title will follow in the coming months.
Sister's Wedding Invite: Main Page, Front Page.
Brother's Success: My little brother, Sai Aravindh, makes my family and me proud bagging the 44th rank in the all India merit list of the Final CA Examination of the The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
Research Interests:
Broadly, I am working on combinatorial optimization problems arising in communication networks. I am interested in the design and analysis of approximation algorithms for these problems. In my doctoral thesis, I have investigated several call admission control problems in ring based topologies.
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     A complete version of the article can be found in the Technical Report TIK Report 171

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Here is how I looked like till 10.06.2003 and how I look from 11.06.2003.
And, Here is how the members of the BigBoys (our favourite cricket team from IISc days) looked like eight years ago!
I absolutely love traveling. Being in Switzerland is ideal to tour Europe: discounting the visa hassles that a developing country citizen like me has to go through every single time I wish to get outside Switzerland. Here is a list of countries I have visited so far.