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Sahyadri - The Western Ghat


  The beautiful mountain range of Western Ghat is also known as Sahyadri.It's fascinating wilderness and amazing wideness has always been an attraction for tourists as well as trekkers. Astonishingly Sahyadri contains about 300 forts spread all over the state of Maharashtra and further, which furnishes Sahyadri a historical importance. 

   Biogeographers have long recognized the distinctive plant and animal communities of the Western Ghats. Many of these faunal and floral elements are not found anywhere else in the India. Sahyadri mountains are also home to many endemic species, and the endemism is especially high in the amphibian and reptilian fauna. The snake family Uropeltidae is almost entirely restricted to and diversified in this region of the world. The frog Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis was discovered in 2003 as being a living fossil. So here we try to present a brief information of the fantastic mountains and the ecosystem; for those who want to ramble in this wonderful paradise.......


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