Southern Alberta Hogosha Institute (Updated 01/01/2012)

Definition of Hogosha: to protect, defend, guard, obey, or keep.

The Southern Alberta Hogosha Institute is a non profit society, based in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada.  We provide instruction in traditional and modern battlefield based self defense systems.  These system includes, but are not limited to; striking, kicking, joint locking, grappling, weapons, and military strategy & tactics.  All of these techniques are covered during the coarse of training.  Unlike other arts weapons training is started at the early stages of training, this helps the students to respect the weapons, not fear them.

These martial arts are not sports based, which means we do not have full contact fights or tournaments. Although sparring is encouraged to help develop the student, it is always done in a safe & controlled environment.

If you like to participate in a class, or would like more information on our classes; please email us with your contact information (name and phone number), and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible. 

First class is always free.   Students can join at anytime throughout the year.

Seminars with high ranking shihan, shidoshi, and various other high ranking instructors in the arts.  Please email us if you would like to attend.  NOTE:  You should have some basics down before you attend a seminar.

Grading will be done on a case by case basis, when students have proven that they have obtained and mastered the skill-sets necessary for the ranking.  

Children's classes (ages 4 - 13), are available as well.

All classes are group classes.
Private classes are available upon request, prices vary ( please ask an instructor about pricing ).

For more information please email us or stop by the dojo during a class.
Address: 826 11 ST SE, Medicine Hat, AB (downstairs right next to the Medicine Hat Boxing Club)

Training Schedule ( No classes on stat Holidays )