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Welcome to Ste. Anne's Guidance Department home page. From here you will be able to find links to scholarships, universities, colleges, job postings, etc.

Each student is assigned to a counsellor based on the first letter of their last name. Each student will be seen a minimum of twice in a school year; once in Semester 1 to review their academic goals, and in Semester 2 to assist them with course selection for the following school year. Students struggling in school academically, or otherwise, may see their respective counsellor more often as we attempt to ensure the success of all our students through a variety of supports and interventions. Students are also welcome to make appointments to see their counsellor by visiting the Student Services office and filling in an appointment slip. Typically students will see their counsellor within a day or two depending upon how busy things are. During periods of high traffic, such as the beginning and end of a semester things tend to be much busy resulting in longer times.

Counsellors are arranged accordingly:
 Mrs. T. Gelinas  A - G
 Mr. M. Ballay   H - Ma
 Mrs. M. Geiger   Mc - Z

Please join the Google Classroom Class of 2019-2020 for the latest updates. Instructions are as follows:

1.     Login in to your Tools2Go account.

2.     Give the students these instructions:

a.     Sign in to Classroom at classroom.google.com.

b.     On the Home page, click Add (+) in the upper right corner of the web page.

c.     For Gr. 9s in the box, enter the code osgso9  and click Join.

        For Gr. 10s in the box, enter the code 3yd8mgd and click Join.

        For Gr. 11s in the box, enter the code coeemiand click Join.

        For Gr. 12s in the box, enter the code rv97sa and click Join.

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