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The National Conferences are part of a long and vibrant history of the women’s movement in India, particularly the autonomous women’s movement. The first national conference took place in Mumbai in 1980 at the height of the Anti Rape Campaign. Since then there has been no looking back, and at periodic intervals (also known as recovery periods), several other conferences have been organised in different parts of teh country - Mumbai (1985), Patna (1987), Calicut (1990), Tirupati (1994), Ranchi (1997), Kolkata (2006). Each, an opportunity for debates, discussions and sharing on the issues of the times. Each, a time of moving forward as a movement!

Saheli has been an intrinsic part of the planning process of all these conferences. The core strength of these conferences being its vision to brings together women from various streams of the autonomous women’s movements – i.e. women’s groups not aligned to the government, political parties, underground groups or funding agencies - on a range of issues and concerns. Over the years these conferences have evolved as a space for expression of our collective ideas, politics and struggles. Needless to say that its also a space of feminist fun, laughter and wit!

Report of 7th National Conference of Women’s Movements, Kolkata
Newsletter Dec 2006

Session on Caste-Based Identities: Co-ordinated by Saheli, Sama and Cadam
Newsletter Dec 2006

Towards a Politics of Justice: 
Affirming Diversities, Resisting Divisiveness

Conferences of Women’s Movements – History and Perspectives
Newsletter Jan 2000

Sixth National Conference, Ranchi: Some Reflections
Newsletter March 1998

National Conference of Women's Movements: A Call To Women From All Over The Country!

Newsletter Sept 1997

Fifth National Conference of Women’s Movements, Thirupati 1994
Newsletter July 1994

National Conference on Women, Religion and Family Laws, Bombay
Newsletter Dec 1989

Third Nari Mukti Sangharsh Sammelan, Patna 1988:
Women & Patriarchy

Newsletter May 1988

Third Nari Mukti Sangharsh Sammelan, Patna 1988: Women & Health
Newsletter May 1988

Third Nari Mukti Sangharsh Sammelan, Patna 1988: Resolutions

Newsletter May 1988