The attempt to introduce HPV vaccines the world over is a prime example of the nexus between pharma companies and regulatory authorities.

In India they were licensed for use without mandatory clinical trials, and administered to and promoted for use by young girls wontingly. In July 2009, unethical ‘studies’ being conducted on young tribal girls in Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh and Baroda Distrct, Gujarat came to light. By the end of the year, a media blitz generated a widespread terror of cervical cancer and advertised the vaccines as the only security cover possible to get. The joint campaign conducted by many women’s and child rights’ groups in Delhi and elsewhere against these vaccines has raised the whole gamut of issues from their unethical trials, dubious efficacy, to adverse effects, their exhorbitant cost, lack of screening facilities, other urgent public health priorities, etc. but the strident response has brought the advertising of the products to a halt, and after after the matter was raised in Parliament, the ongoing studies have suspended pending an enquiry. However, the campaign will end only when the license of the vaccines is revoked.


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CERVICAL CANCER: Is Vaccination the Answer?
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