Suads Faahem -- 1978 Black

Sahanad Preservation Stallion



                           *Adhem (Alaa El Din EAO x Zabia INS)


                           Sahanad (AbuHanad x Sahabet)

Suads Faahem (AHA #177703)

                           Khemahr (Fa-Serr x Khedena)


                           Gay-Fay (Fay-Habba x Roufiby)


Al Khamsa Progeny:  none

Full-Sibs:  none

Half-Sibs:  none


Ancestoral Elements              Egypt1--63.0%      Davenport--28.5% Blunt--5.8%                        Dwarka--1.6                        Hamidie--1.0%                     Huntington--0.1%

Percentages of Sahanad Lines 50% Suad-Elilah (This was the only horse down this line and he did not have any Al Khamsa progeny so this line does not exist today.  Frozen semen exists so there is a possibility.)

Tail Male:      Saklawi I (APS)      
Tail Female:  *Wadduda

Color Genotype:  ggaaE?