Sadie Thompson -- 1975 Bay

Straight Davenport Sahanad Preservation Mare


                           Salan (Antez x Fasal)

               Kamil Ibn Salan

                           Schada (Sanad x Shaiba)

Sadie Thompson (AHA #)

                           AbuHanad (Hanad x Gamil)


                           Sahabet (Tanatra x Jadur)


Al Khamsa Progeny:  none

Full-Sibs:  Kamil Ibn Sahanad* 1976 chestnut Straight Davenport stallion--Sahanad Preservation Foundation Horse

Half-Sibs:  Aziza Serr Anadah* (*Adhem x ...) 1973 black mare--Sahanad Preservation Foundation Horse, Suad-Elilah* (*Adhem x ...) 1974 black stallion, Sahanade* ( *Adhem x ...) 1978 chestnut mare--Sahanad Preservation Foundation Horse, Ibn Sahanad* (Khemahr Moniet x ...) 1979 black stallion--Sahanad Preservation Foundation Horse, Black Lightning* (Khemahr Moniet x ...) 1981 black stallion--Sahanad Preservation Foundation Horse

*These horse all had Al Khamsa progeny.  (Suad-Elilah's line is no longer found as his only progeny did not leave any progeny.)

Bred by James Dowd or Joseph or Trucilla Enz

Ancestoral Elements               Davenport/98.4%                Hamidie/1.6%

Percentages of Sahanad Lines NA--If Sadie Thompson would have lived and produced, she would have been one of the Foundation Horses.  Her death, without leaving a Straight Davenport daughter, was the end of the tail-female line of *Wadduda in the Straight Davenport group of horses.

Tail-Male:  *Deyr                   Tail-Female:  *Wadduda

Color Genotypes:  ggAaE?

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