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On the individual pages (if available) will be:  registered name, birth year/color/sex, photos, breeder (to be included ASAP), pedigree, registration number(s), Al Khamsa progeny, Al Khamsa full-sibs and half-sibs (horses listed that are in Europe would be eligible for Al Khamsa by their pedigree if they were to be imported to North America), ownership, ancestoral elements, percentage of Sahanad lines, and color genotype.

(If you find what you think is a mistake, please let us know so that we can correct it--mistakes can happen.  Thanks!!!)

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DEFINITION OF AL KHAMSA ARABIAN HORSES:  Al Khamsa Arabian horses are those Arabian horses in North America that can reasonably be assumed to decscend entirely from Bedouin Arabians horses bred by horse-breeding Bedouin-tribes of the deserts of the Arabian peninsula without admixture from sources unaceptable to Al Khamsa.  Al Khamsa reserves the right to determine which horses are called Al Khamsa Arabian Horses. 

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Below are the links to the individual information pages for each of the SAHANAD PRESERVATION horses.  The specific page is ready for viewing if there is an arrow symbol (->) behind a horse's name--click on it to visit that particular page.


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