My Experience In Sahaja Yoga

The Founder of Sahaja Yoga
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

I am not an atheist but my belief in God was more abstract. Idea of formless God was more plausible to my mind. My attitude, from the beginning, could be described best as of anti-establishments. So far the so-called religious institutions, systems, peoples are concerned, the saying I red somewhere: “God is everywhere except churches, mosques and temples”; best described my feelings!

Anyway, those questions with hard-to-find answers occurred to me too, as to all passed animal stage in evolution: Who am I? What is the aim of life? What is beyond life? If an actor is pushed on the stage suddenly may wonder what is the story of the drama, which is the act and what is his role, but asking about meaning of life is not normal and only seekers are supposed to ask such things.

I asked one seeker, my father, and he said that these questions cannot be understood by mind and I should come to Sahaja Yoga, which can teach me how to go beyond mind and realize the truth. He talked of vibrations-omnipresent primordial energy, that can be felt, but it was too much for my scientific mind.

Once I was very ill, hospitalized, half a sleep when my father ‘gave’ me vibrations. I felt strong flow from hands, impossible to deny! If miracle is something logically and scientifically unexplainable then I experienced a miracle. This was my starting in Sahaja Yoga. Later, I experienced that everything has vibrations and vibrations felt individually are reflected collectively also.

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