Volunteer Info

Who can Volunteer?
Just about anyone! We need groups of volunteers and individuals for this project. If you have a club/group/class interested in working on this project please let us know!
The terrain of section 17 is pretty mild, so if you're used to light-moderate hiking, you'll do fine in this area. We will be working off trail, so wear sturdy clothes that will protect you in the brush and sturdy shoes for uneven terrain.

Where is Section 17?
Section 17 is in the East district of Saguaro National Park bordered by Broadway Blvd and Freeman Rd

What will I be doing?
You will be working as part of a team to measure and count saguaro cacti using clinometers, meter sticks and measuring tapes.
What do I need?
Read the Saftey and Preparedness page for informaiton about working in the desert and what you need to bring with you.

How do I get involved?
Email Don_Swann@nps.gov
and we will let you you know all the details.

When do I start?
Take a look at the
calendar and see what dates work best for you or your group. We have some flexibility in the dates, so if your group can come out on a day not listed, email Irene and we can try to set something up.
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