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"The trouble with referees is that they just don't care which side wins." Tom Canterbury

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The SAGOA web site is again being used for 2012 for communication and storing of resources. This includes linking the SAGOA Blogspot which has become useful in communicating to participants in our league.

If you’re interested in becoming an official please contact  (Coordinator of Officials). 

This website is for officials who are members of SAGOA to help in their training and updating of skills for the next season. In 2012 we are aiming to get new officials into our group. The website will help new or interested persons to view training material, read some rules and understand what an official needs to do during a play. The resources will help empower officials to stand on the field and make the best decision to ensure a fair game is had by all participants. While every endeavour will be made to keep information up to date and relevant it is to be used as a guide until specific training is conducted.

We provide a comprehensive training course for beginners and ongoing training for experienced officials. We base our training on the AGOA (Australian Gridiron Officials Association) model to work towards becoming 'World Class Officials.' This is an accredited course which muct be updated according to AGOA policy, which includes keeping a record of attendance at trainings and at games. Many of our resources are sourced via AGOA, NCAA and USA Conferences. We use a combination of visual media to review plays and learn rules on many different situations.

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