welcome to the 2014 game

Week 2: Our new wheels came in and we began building the chassy. We also started making the early designs for our shooter/passer

Week 1: Our first week on building our TROBOT mark 3 was cut short due to the negative temprature outside. We finally got in with two days left to build and we were able to begin with the build season. We began brain storming on what we wanted our robot to do. For the first time, we decided to use mecanum wheels.

Check out the rules and game video on "youtube" and "usafirst.org"

January 4th, 2014 : 

-we attended the "kickoff" at Bullock Creek HS, where we picked up our kit of parts and delivered them back to the      school.
- the other members of the team watched the broadcast and started the reading of the rules so that some   brainstorming could take place.

This is where we will keep you updated on our progress. The build season started Sat. Jan. 5th with the unveiling of the 2013 "game" and runs until midnight Feb. 19th. We hope you can join us during this time and get your hand in on the action.
 February 4th, 2013

 We have movement! We were able to drive our chassis for the first time today!

We are so proud of the team for working hard to get to this point...we will try to have a throwing device, camera, and lifting systems on the robot by this weekend.  

Keep up the good work team!

February 2nd, 2013
  The team has been working HARD to move forward on the building of our 2013 "TROBOT".  We have a chassis that is ready to drive, a prototype pneumatic system that is almost complete, an electronic system on the chassis but not playing nice with the controller, and a prototype thrower that we hope is throwing disks today.
January 25th, 2013
Did someone say SUB?
Sub systems are very important.  The team is learning that communicating in a "gracious" manner is important. team members have been guided by some great mentors.  These mentors are giving of their time and talents so that the team can have fun and a productive experience.  THANKS!
SOOO excited.. we had 2 work sessions scheduled but because of miscommunication it turned into one long session from noon till 8pm on Wednesday.  Because of the split shift and the hard work, team members were able to split drive chain (break a chain and make it to the length required),  assemble drive motors and gear boxes, measure and modify wheel spacers to fit, repair a drill press, the pneumatic system is still in need of a few components and the wheel driven shooter should be ready to launch by the end of Friday. 
We plan to have the electrical components and the chassis assembled and moving by the end of Friday.
January 19th, 2013
Things are Taking Shape!
 Students spent the week solidifying and tweaking ideas to master the game. They started to work on gathering tools and materials they may need, choosing systems they would like to learn about and maintaining a safe and productive workspace.
January 12th, 2013
 One Week Down...5 More to Go...
We had a great week last week, checking in materials, organizing the shop and getting familiar with rules and guidelines. On Saturday we had the opportunity to collaborate with teams of the Great Lakes Bay Region. We had some good discussions and presented some of our preliminary ideas for discussion. Lyndon did a great job presenting our plan for the following areas:
  • Autonomous: Programming TROBOT 2013 to shoot and drive to the loading station
  •  to be reloaded
  • Shooter: To follow the shooter that we saw in the youtube video, 2 wheel/disk sliding through channel
  • Loader: They reacted pleasantly surprised when Lyndon shared the "vending machine" screw idea
  • Climber: To either use a window motor or pneumatics to lift the Trobot from the center of gravity and grab the 10 point bar
All of our ideas were met with great support. None were challenged with rule violations and we received a nice pat on the back!
January 5th, 2013
The Game Unveiled!
The build season started with the unveiling of the 2013 "game" and runs until midnight Feb. 19th. We had representation go to Kettering University where the 2013 game "Ultimate Ascent" was unveiled. Click here to watch the "game"!
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