Spring is here - time to get a radio in a shed . . . .
Do you need to escape from endless domestic chores and the pressure of struggling with QRM from the living room, kitchen, TV, pet parrot . . . ? Then you need a shed or a greenhouse, or an allotment and to have a go at SAGHOTA - Sheds, Allotments & Green Houses On The Air.

Join the band of shed, allotment and greenhouse enthusiasts who get on the air for fun and to escape from wives, children, daytime TV, soap-operas and that endless stream of religious door-knockers who interrupt your QSOs, or relatives who pester you to 'do something useful'.

Enjoy peace and tranquility in your shed or greenhouse, or tucked away on your allotment where your wife partner or 'significant other' thinks you are doing something much more useful . . . . . . but where you are indulging your passion (or maybe you are just on the radio!).

- Definitions -
  • Shed - a shed: normally should be capable of being dismantled, transported and re-assembled.
  • Allotment - an allotment (where you are permitted to operate).
  • Green house - a greenhouse (glass house).
  • Amateur Radio - a hobby that involves a bit of fun using radiocommunications equipment of any type or vintage.

How to participate

To qualify as a SAGHOTA station you only need to operate from a shed, allotment or greenhouse on SAGHOTA Days.  Registration isn't obligatory. Here's what you do:
  • Register - Register your SAGH online (optional) > here <.
  • Operate - Operate your radio from a shed or greenhouse, or on an allotment (or immediately adjacent to one - any day any time anywhere . . . .¬†
  • Make lots of contacts - Contact anyone and everyone - all contacts count except 'duplicates' on the same band, same day.
  • Keep a 'tally' of all the people that you contact - you may need this information in order to fill in your self-service e-Certificate.

Why not do your own SAGHOTA Days too - it simply needs a shed, radio, power supply, antenna, tea-making apparatus, biscuits (and waffles).

Chasers do not need to register
  • Contact any SAGHOTA station: contacts with non-SAGHOTA stations don't count.
  • When poor propagation prevents direct contact, Chasers may claim 1/2 point for spotting a SAGHOTA Activator via a web SDR or similar.
  • Keep a list of SAGHOTA stations that you contact so that you can fill in the EeZee QSL card.
  • Download your self service EeZee -Certificate > here <. and fill in your details.

Participation in SAGHOTA is only for people with a sense of humour, who would like to get a bit more out of amateur radio - such as:
using low power, portable operations, exploring alternative (wind, solar) power supply, making compact, stealth and quick deployment antenna experiments; improvising tea-making, choosing the most appropriate biscuits for shed and allotment expeditions, etc.
So, while SAGHOTA is fun, it also involves many of the skills in improvisation, adaptability, repairing equipment, building antennas, etc, and generally doing things that are central to Amateur Radio . . .
SAGHOTA Organisers reserve the right to change the 'rules of engagement', SAGHOTA features, webpages, prizes, etc - in fact anything that seems appropriate, reasonable and fair. Anyone who behaves like a pest or weed will be treated like one.

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Last revised  3 May 2018.