Welcome to SAGHOTA - August 2018

Here Across southern Britain the summer brought a virtual drought, but with a few days of rain at the end of July. Many allotments and gardens are brown and dusty with many crops under-developed and desperate for water.

Equally desperate have been many SAGHOTA activators who have been facing high temperatures and low HF propagation and a lack of ssb contacts.

The Solar Minimum is under way making it impossible to plan activities for specific dates or events with any degree of certainty, especially with any chance of making contact with other GB stations.

So-called 'Sporadic-E' propagation as low as 7MHz, accompanied by E-region blocking has provided some UK-wide 'short-skip' contacts on 20m & 40m for very short periods on some days - this pattern may continue for some months. However, the nature of the Solar Minimum cannot be predicted with any certainlty, except that it may be vey weak and last longer than previously.

The only workable plan is to take whatever opportunities arise and see what happens.