My name is Kristin Rytter, Ph.D., the creator of SAGE-WITHIN-us.  SAGE-WITHIN-us’ mission is to create meaningful learning experiences for children with disabilities, their families, educators, college students going into a disability field, typically developing children, as well as the general public.

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Growing Up

I was born with athetoid cerebral palsy (CP).  CP is brain damage in the muscle control center known as the cerebellum, resulting in abnormal movements.  My parents raised me at home with my younger sister. 

Even before assistive technology was available, they found ways to compensate for my physical limitations so that I could engage in childhood activities, such as jumping on the bed.  They also created learning opportunities for me throughout my day. 


This has been a major contributing factor in succeeding in school and life.  At the age of eleven, I went to my regular neighborhood school for an hour and a half every day.  The following year I went there full-time while receiving therapies at a school for children with disabilities.  I became an honor student in fifth grade and remained on the honor rolls throughout junior high and high school. 


One day during my senior year, I interviewed a child psychologist for a class assignment.  In one hour, I became convinced that I had the qualities of a researcher in child psychology.  I was so convinced, I told my parents that night I wanted to get a doctorate in child psychology. 


My Degree

On November 16, 2006, my parents saw me getting my doctorate in developmental psychology at the University of Washington.   My dissertation project studied the effects of working with parents to improve the pre-literacy experiences of toddlers with physical and speech impairments.  I chose to do this project, because these parents typically face various challenges that interfere with doing pre-literacy activities.  I helped the mothers learn techniques that lessened some of their challenges.  The results demonstrated some positive changes in the lives of these families. 


My Business

Approximately three weeks after my doctoral defense, I started my business.  I do many different things under this business, including lecturing.  But, I specialize in facilitating developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children with severe speech and physical impairments. I’ve had a good amount of success with helping parents and educators teach children skills that seem very difficult for these kids to learn.


My Book

Although my consulting work can be awfully rewarding, I wanted to do more regarding improving the lives of individuals with disabilities as well as educating the people who worked with them.  I decided to write, self-publish, and sell a series of educational books.


My first book titled “People Who Raised Me Beyond” begins in the early seventies when professionals were discovering my diagnosis of a vegetable may have been incorrect, and it ends shortly after I obtained my doctorate.  Surprisingly, this engagingly written account offers plenty for everyone, because it painstakingly describes my experiences that all of us have had, beckoning you to reflect on who influenced you positively as well as negatively.


My book has been used for different disciplines to educate university students regarding the ways to support people with disabilities and honor their abilities.  Also, parents of children with disabilities have thanked me for writing it as they found it as a great source of inspiration and encouragement. 

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