Drawing a Room


This Drawing a Room Tutorial will guide you through the basic functions to draw a room, with floor and walls.  


We want to draw an L-shaped room. We will do this by creating the shape of the floor, extruding it up to create walls, and then deleting the ceiling and some of the walls to create the room shape desired. (We could also have made the ceiling and front walls transparent))

Step 1 - Outside rectangle

Select the "draw rectangle" tool, (  ), to start the rectangle command. The cursor changes to a pencil with a rectangle,.

Move the cursor somewhere in the drawing and drag it to create a rectangle. (You can either click once to start the rectangle, move the cursor and click again to complete it, or you can press the mouse button to start it and drag the mouse to the other corner before releasing it.)

After you draw the rectangle, and before you do anything else, you can enter the dimensions of the room. These will appear in the Measurements Box at the lower right of your screen. You do not have to point to the box - just start typing. Enter the dimensions (14'10",14'10") and tap "Enter".

Step 2 - Cut out a corner

Rectangle in corner, with dimensions entered.

To cut a corner from the rectangle shape, we will draw another rectangle in the corner and delete it. That will automatically cut a rectangular notch out of the original rectangle.

Use the Rectangle tool again. This time start at the upper right corner of the rectangle, and draw left and down.

Enter the dimensions, 8'6",8'6" and tap enter.

To delete the corner, follow the next three steps.  


Selected corner
1. Select the corner. Click the Select icon to enter select mode and click inside of the corner. It will highlight.

After deletion of face.
(Lines still need to be deleted.)

2. Click the Delete key, the corner will disappear...

Lines selected for deletion.

3. We want to delete the stray lines. Select clicking them once and Click delete to delete them.

Step 3 - Extrude floor into a room

  1. In order to extrude our floor into a room, we need to see the model from a 3d perspective.
  2. Click the ISO button, (  ), to switch from top view to 3D view.
  3. Select the Push/Pull tool, (  ) and move the cursor over the floor so that a push/pull icon appears. (  ) Click the mouse button, and drag the cursor up and the floor will extrude into a room shape. Stop dragging and enter the wall height, "8'".

Extruded room

Step 4 - Delete unwanted faces

We are making this room because we want to place furniture and other items inside of it. We could make the front walls and the ceiling transparent or we could move them to another layer and turn them off. For this tutorial we will delete them. Select the delete tool, select the undesired faces and then delete them.
Note: We used the Orbit tool () to spin the room as well.

The image turns blue after you delete the ceiling and front faces. This is because we are viewing the "back" of each face, rather than the front. Note: Again there are unwanted lines left after the delete. Select them and delete them as well.

After deleting some faces. (Lines still need to be deleted.)

Step 5 - Apply colors and materials

Use the Paint Bucket tool (  ) to place materials and colors on the walls and floor.
See: Paint Bucket for more information.


Final image after applying materials

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