SketchUp Bridge

SketchUp Bridge is an interface developed by TBD to allow ruby scripts to be executed from outside of SketchUp.


SketchUp Bridge is used by Ruby developers to make it easier to edit and test new ruby scripts.


RDE setup

TBD has agreed that we can duplicate his installation Tutorial here on the SuWiki.

  1. Download and install RDE
  2. Download Bridge
  3. Unpack, bridge_load.rb and SUB.exe to SketchUp plugins directory
  4. Restart SketchUp
  5. Start RDE
  6. Goto Macro | Register Script
  7. Click Add
  8. Modify to look like the image on the right.
  9. You can set the keyboard shortcut. I use Alt+F1
  10. Close all configuration windows (OK and then Close)


  1. Type your code in RDE window (like Sketchup.version) and press your keyboard shortcut to send the code to SketchUp (Alt+F1)
  2. You can also load .rb scripts into RDE and use (Alt+F1) to load and execute the entire script in SketchUp

Output from executing "SketchUp.version"


  1. If you use print, p, puts commands than check the Ruby Console for output
  2. Using UI.messagebox will timeout Bridge as long as messagbox is active on screen
  3. Select all text and press CTRL+M to format the source (ident)
  4. If you are running more than one instance of SketchUp. The SketchUp bridge will execute commands in only one instance at a time in version 1.0. Please download version 1.1 that allows only one Bridge instance to be created.

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