Plugins, Add-ons
are third party applications that enhance the SketchUp experience.
  • Ruby script Plugins are Ruby script add-ons which you can download, install and use with SketchUp.
  • Add-ons are installable software which integrates with SketchUp. These may contain Ruby scripts, but also contain DLLs or other components which are not Ruby scripts.
  • Exporters export the 3D SketchUp model, or a 3D image and then import it into other software applications.

Exploring SketchUp Plugins 



Ruby Script Plugins


How to find Plugins and Ruby Scripts

SketchUp Plugins - list on SketchUp site.

SketchUp Sage - comprehensive listing.

In addition to the Ruby and plugin tutorials on this site, you can use Google's Code Search.

Start here:

Google Code Search lang:ruby sketchup

and add other things you want to search for. For example to find scripts which use component definitions use:

Google Code Search lang:ruby sketchup definitions

The Google Code Search will let you locate and preview ruby code which is stored on the Internet, including code stored in ZIP files.


How to Install Ruby Scripts

For most ruby script plugins, all you have to do is copy the related "scriptname.rb" file/s inside the "Plugins" folder under your SketchUp installation directory (by default, C:\Program Files\@Last Software\SketchUp X\Plugins\ for PC). SketchUp must be restarted afterwards to load the plugin. Although most of them will show up under the Plugins menu, some might place itself in other menus like Camera, Tools...and sometimes Context Menu according to its function. Ruby files can be edited with Notepad; there, you can find additional information about the script's author, usage, version history etc.
See Also  What are Ruby Scripts and Plug-ins? over on the SketchUp Sage.