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Section Plane   

 Function Cuts a model to view internal features.
 Location Menu: Tools > Section Plane
Menu: View > Section Planes
Menu: View > Section Cuts
Toolbar: Sections  
 Modifier Keys ___
Measurements Input ___

Section Planes are used to view geometry behind a wall, or below a roof, (or other examples) by cutting a section through the model.


In SketchUp, Section Planes are placed from the Tools menu.
"Use the Section Plane tool to create section cuts enabling you to view geometry within your model. 
Activate the Section Plane tool from the Guide Toolbar (Microsoft Windows), the Tool Palette (Mac OS X) or the Tools menu."

Google Help does a good job describing the tool.


There are two tools to control the visibility of section cuts and Style options to control color and width.  

When the section plane is initially formed, both the Section Planes and Section Cuts options is toggled on.


Sections Planes and Cuts both toggled on

Section Cuts 
 toggles an existing section cut on or off.


Section Planes toggled on, Section Cuts toggled off

Section Planes  toggle on and off the visibility of the section plane entity.

Section Planes toggled off, Section Cuts toggle on

Both Section Planes and Cuts toggled off

Change the Section Cuts color, width and active/inactive section colors in the Styles browser

Animation effects can be created by saving different Section Cuts and Section Planes visibility options to different Scenes and running a Slideshow Animation. See the Section Cut Animation section on the SketchUp Sage for examples.

Quick and dirty poché for sectional views SketchUp Blog

Section Planes and Sun Light

SketchUp Section Planes let you view the hidden geometry, but also allow sunlight to flow into the model through the section cut.

(SketchUp model with roof sectioned off. Note how shadows appear inside the house.)

Some rendering add-ons can process SketchUp section planes as well, but still use sectioned geometry for lighting, shadows, and reflections. This allows the scene to appear realistic without requiring that the camera always be placed inside of the object being viewed.

(Section Cut thriugh roof and ceiling)

(Section cut through wall - light enters through windows, but not through section cut.
(Models created with Google SketchUp. Photorealistic rendering made with IRender nXt)

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