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Place Model     

 Function View model on Google Earth
 Location Menu: Tools > Google Earth > Place Model (pre-SketchUp 8)
: Google  
 Modifier Keys ___
Measurements Input ___

Use the Place Model button to place your SketchUp models in Google Earth. This button is used as a quick mechanism for viewing your model in Google Earth as you are working on your model.

Preview Model in SketchUp 8

SketchUp 8 made the process of viewing a model on Google Earth much easier than in earlier versions of the program.
  1. Geo-locate your model.  Go to File > Geo-location > Add Location OR Window > Model Info > Geo-location.
  2. Open the Google toolbar and click on the Preview Model in Google Earth ) button.
Note: The button icon for viewing a model in GE is the same in all versions of SketchUp but the button name has been changed in SketchUp 8 to Preview Model in Google Earth.  Before SketchUp 8 the button has been called Place Model.

Placing your model in Google Earth (pre-SketchUp-8)

Here are the steps to place your model in Google Earth:
  1. Use the Snapshot, Toggle Terrain, and SketchUp Tools to create and place your model on a Google Earth snapshot image.
  2. Ensure Google Earth is running.
  3. Click the Place Model button to send your model to Google Earth. SketchUp creates a temporary file of your model and places the model in Google Earth at the proper location.
  4. Repeat this process until your model appears as you would like it in Google Earth.


Reverse the faces in your model (within SketchUp) if your model appears black in Google Earth. Select the faces to reverse and then context-click and select Reverse Faces from the context menu.
Use the KMZ export option to export the final model for use in Google Earth. See the Input and Output section of this guide for further information.

See Also

  • Google Earth tips on SketchUp Sage
  • Share Model  (to begin the process of adding a model to Google Earth 3D Buildings Layer)

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