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Fractal Plants  

Fractal Plants is a rendering term which refers to using Fractal models of trees, shrubs and other plants rather than normal 3D models, or raster images.

Fractal plants are found in high end Ray Trace engines, such as AccuRender or IRender.

Plant Image Quality

SketchUp models can create very complex plant components. However they take a lot of work to develop, and can slow down the model.

By using Fractal Plants in a Ray Trace renderer, you can keep your model small, and add the detail during the rendering process.

Using Fractal Plants

You can map a plant from the AccuRender plant library to a SketchUp component.

Then when you render the image, the fractal plant will be substituted for the component.


Many Fractal Plants will automatically change appearance to match the seasons. This makes it easy to make client presentations to show what a building site, or landscaping project will look like in varying seasons.

Plant changes for various seasons 

Late Spring



Plant Size

  • Fractal plant sizes are determined by the trunk size, so the plant can be sized to match the height or width of a component, but not both.
  • When mapping a fractal plant to a component, you can specify whether the fractal plant will match the height or width of the component. 

Rendering Detail

Three levels of detail are provided. Medium is best for most uses. You may want to use low to speed up rendering while you are working on your scene. You may want to use high for the best quality rendering for your final presentation.


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