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File Formats  

File Formats used with SketchUp.
Some of these File Formats have articles with additional information which is available by clicking on the name of the file exension.


Audio Video Interleave
MOV QuickTime Video Clip
WMV Windows Media Video

CAD and 3D Model Formats

AutoCAD3Ds Max File. (EDs Max was originally owned by Discreet)
DEM The USGS Geographical Information
DWG is the AutoCAD File drawing file.
DXF is an ASCII version of the drawing file.
3D Data Exchange Format Google Earth geographic features.
KMZ is a compressed format.
OBJ Export 3D Model in Wavefront format, also used by Maya

SKP is the SketchUp Model.

SKB is a backup version of the file.


(Universal 3D) A 3D graphics format developed by Intel and the 3D Industry Forum for sharing 3D drawings on the Web and in common office applications. In 2004, Adobe announced support for U3D in Version 7 of its Acrobat/PDF product family.

You can export SketchUp models to U3d using RPS 3D PDF.

VRML VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language, usually pronounced vermal) is a standard file format for representing 3-dimensional (3D) interactive vector graphics, designed particularly with the World Wide Web in mind.
XSI Softimage XSI 3D Model.

Raster Image Formats


Windows Bitmap.

BMP does not use compression, so you may prefer PNG or JPG to create smaller files.


Piranesi File Format.

Piranesi is a painting application that enables you to create stunning renderings from your SketchUp models. For more information, please visit the Piranesi Web Site

SketchUp can export images in EPX format, but cannot import them to create materials.


JPEG 2000 Format.

"JPEG 2000 can operate at higher compression ratios without generating the characteristic 'blocky and blurry' artifacts of the original DCT-based JPEG standard. It also allows more sophisticated progressive downloads."

However, there are concerns about possible patent issues. See: Wikipedia Article

SketchUp does not currently support JP2.


JPEG Image

JPEG is a commonly used format for compressing and storing images. It works best with photographs, or other images with continous changes in color and tone. It is not as well suited for line drawings and other computer graphics because its compression method performs badly on these types of images, for which the PNG format is more commonly used.

PNG Portable Networks Graphix
TIF Tagged Image File

Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter or Targa.

SketchUp can import TGA images to create bitmaps, but cannot export images in this format.


Print and Document Formats

EPS Encapsulated Post Script  

Portable Document Format


Rendering Formats

ATL Native format for Artlantis.

See Also

See Also

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