About The Owner

Susan Weinstein

Susan had worked in Belmont Shores as a hairstylist for 19 years when she decided to open a Beauty Supply store/Salon in Seal Beach in order to offer a more complete service to her clients. During her experience she was able to work with the best products around and found that three stood out for her. She now carries them along with a few other favorites that Sage Salon Stylists love.

Moroccan Oil



“I realized that I really missed more of the one on one with my clients,” Susan says, “and when my lease was up I decided to close so I could open up a new Salon where I could work with other experienced Stylists. I am in love with my profession and though I have often thought of what else I might do, it always comes back to hair.”

She enjoys doing hair extensions with Cinderella Hair and working with Yuko Hair Straightening, color, and highlights. Call for a free consultation and 50% off your first service with her!

Phone 562-346-4772