Sageland is an accredited MicroSociety® School that was established in 1992, when the campus received a grant for $194,000 to build a 3,500 sq. ft. site to establish a school-wide MicroSociety program. This catapulted us to becoming entrepreneurs in the field of education- our journey’s course forever altered– committed to providing innovative, powerful learning experiences to our children. 

The miniature society idea originated as an epiphany George Richmond had on a bus ride home back in the late 60’s. Richmond was a Brooklyn teacher struggling to keep his less privileged students engaged in the classroom.  He had a “vision of children taking charge of their own education, acquiring skills, confidence, and creativity they would need to become productive and responsible citizens of the adult world.” (The MicroSociety School: A Real World in Miniature- George Richmond) From Richmond’s vision, the MicroSociety® concept was born, and in 1981, C.G. Mconough City Magnet in Lowell, Massachusetts became the first school in the United States to have a school-wide MicroSociety® program. Until last year, C.G. McDonough had the longest running MicroSociety® program in the nation, however, Sageland has since then taken the reign as the longest standing Micro school in existence.

Sagelands MicroSociety Concept

The students’ world-class skills inventory will result from the MicroSociety’s innovative approach in developing diverse areas of excellence, including:

1)engagement in our MicroSociety’s free enterprise system
2)nurturing of their entrepreneurial skills including:


 *communication and social

 *consumer problem solving

 *total quality management (TQM)


*customer service

*cooperative learning 


*time management

*planning and organization

We will do this through a fully integrated MicroSociety curriculum that maximizes staff, faculty, student, parental, and community participation.  All products and services are signed with quality and excellence.