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Art Glass

Wire and Chainmail

Polymer Clay and PMC

Paper and Found Object


Mixed Media

The projects listed here use primarily seed beads: at least fifty percent of the finished product is made from czech or japanese seed beads.  They are listed by stitch, style and theme. 

Some projects require free membership to view, and some are available only in PDF format.  You may be prompted to download free Adobe software to aquire the project directions.

Project links in RED require registration with Kalmbach Publishing.   Project links in YELLOW requre registration with Interweave Press

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Free Seed Bead Projects...

...By Stitch


Peyote Bangle     Spiral Bracelet     Spiral Purse     The Illusion Bracelet

Beaded Bead Patterns     Birdhouse Earrings     Stackable Rings

Beaded Bail Patterns     Car Earrings     Beaded Bag Pattern     Star Wand

Summer Rings Anklet     Healing Bag     Cabochon Necklace  


Red Currant Lariat     Collage Bracelet     Cubed Bracelet

Right Angle Weave

Tesserae Earrings     Free-form Necklace

Brick Stitch

Three-sided Amulet Bag     Fringed Fairy     Collage Bracelet     Car Earrings

Birdhouse Earrings

Square Stitch

Couple Cuffs

Chevron Chain

Flowers Bracelet Pattern

Daisy Chain

Daisy Elegance Necklace     Healing Bag

Ladder Stitch

Cube Bracelet     Ladder Rings


Focal Bead Necklace     Sea of Blue Necklace     Flamenco Braid Necklace


Tic-Tac-Toe Board     Faerie Queen Cuff     Crystal Snowflake

Cabochon Necklace     Beaded Bells     Elegant Bracelet    

Berry Wreath Ornament     Snowflake Ornament


Harvest Gold Necklace


Little Star Ornament


Fried Green Tomatoes Necklace     Clay River Earrings

Rock Star Lariat     Starlight Necklace


Marguerite Daisy Pin     Red Currant Lariat     Harvest Gold Necklace


Ice Star Charms     Tattoo Necklace     Flowers and Lace Necklace

Chain of Hearts     Titanic Necklace     Jump Ring Chain    

Egyptian Necklace     Tatted Bridal Set     Zulu Flowerette Chain

...By Style

Bracelets and Watches

Peyote Bangle     Chevron Flowers Pattern     Peyote Tube Bracelet

Cube Bracelet     The Illusion     Cubed Herringbone     Couple Cuffs

Faerie Queen     Summer Rings Anklet     Elegant Bracelet     

Tatted Bridal Set     Zulu Flowerette Chain     Collage Bracelet


Daisy Elegance     Focal Bead Necklace     Tattoo Necklace

Flowers and Lace     Chain of Hearts     Titanic Relic     Jump Ring Chain

Rock Star Lariat     Sea of Blue     Egyptian Sunset     Tatted Bridal Set

Free-form Necklace     Starlight     Red Currant Lariat     Harvest Gold

Fried Green Tomatoes     Netted Cabochon     Flamenco Braid


Car Earrings     Clay River     Hydrangeas     Birdhouses     Tesserae Earrings



Ladder Rings     Stackable Rings

Charms and Pendants

Ballerina Bear     Ice Star Charms     Crystal Snowflake


Three-sided Amulet Bag     Spiral Purse     Marguerite Daisy Pin

Healing Bag     Peyote Bag Pattern

Home Decor

Tea Rose   Two Wheelin' Bicycles     Fringed Fairy     Beaded Basket

Tic-Tac-Toe Board     Little Star Ornament     Magic Wand     Beaded Bells

Snowflake Ornament     Berry Wreath Ornament

Bead Making

Peyote Bead Patterns     Peyote Stitch Bails

...By Theme


Fringed Fairy     Ice Star Charms     Little Star Ornament    

Crystal Snowflake     Star Wand     Beaded Bells     Snowflake Ornament


Ballerina Bear     Birdhouse Earrings


Chevron Flowers Bracelet     Tea Rose     Flower Earrings

Marguerite Daisy Pin     Hydrangea Earrings


Just for Men

Couple Cuffs


Tatted Bridal Set