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The projects listed here can be worn as jewelry or accessories.  They are listed by style.

Some projects require free membership to view, and some are available only in PDF format.  You may be prompted to download free Adobe software to aquire the project directions.

Project links in RED require registration with Kalmbach Publishing.   Project links in YELLOW requre registration with Interweave Press

Registration is free, and allows access to projects, forums and more beading and jewelry resources.

Free Jewelry Projects

Bracelets and Watches

Tubular Peyote Bracelet     Peyote Bangle     Chevron Flowers Bracelet

Cube Bracelet     Aquamarine Set     Strung Bracelets     Glamour Bracelet

Focal Bead Bracelet     Pearl Bracelet     Art Glass Bracelet     Star Bracelet

Briolette Bangle     Convertible Bracelet     Awareness Bracelet

Crystal Watchband     Clay Disk Bracelet     Serpentine Splendor

Clay and Shell Charms     Metal Ladder     Donut Links    

Copper Crochet Cuff     Anodized Chain Mail     Wire Wrapped Bangle

Collage Bracelet     Cubed Herringbone     Gypsy Wire Bangle     Time Out

Geometric Frame     Tatted Bridal Set     Turquoise Bracelet    Tide Pool

Night at the Oscars     Lazy-B Ranch     Faux Beach Glass     The Illusion

Island Bracelet     Three-Strand Bracelet     Dear to My Heart

Flower Burst     Silver and Sparkle     Bangle Bracelet     Couple Cuffs

Drops of Jupiter     Elegant Bracelet     Faerie Queen Cuff     Gone Fishin'

Grecian Goddess     Copper Bangle     Holiday in Nice     Keys to My Heart

Leaf and Twig Bracelet     Nefertiti     Pearl Agate and Silver     Plus de Rouge

Racheal's Wedding     Rectangle Bangle     Renaissance Charm

Summer Rings     Three Wire Link     Traveller's Pathway     Zulu Flowerette

Chaton Bracelet     Christmas Lights Bracelet


Daisy Elegance     Shell Necklace     Nail Head Necklace     Tattoo Necklace

Flowers and Lace     Jump Ring Chain     Focal Bead Necklace     Titanic Relic

Chain of Hearts     Convertible Necklace     Gemstone Pendant

Knotted Necklace     Mixed Media Necklaces     Memory Wire Necklace

Flora Necklace     Vintage Earring Pendant     Gemstone Drop Pendant

Kite Bead Necklace     Gemstone and Chain     Briolette Necklace

Ceramic Bead Necklace     Starfish Pendant     Autumn Leaves

Leaf Pendant     Shell Lariat Set     Monochrome Necklace     Shell Chain

Twisted Glory     Clay and Shell Charms     Greek Key Chain

Fox-tail Chain     Infinity Chain     Rays of the Sun     Swirling Leaf

Stroll in the Garden     Afternoon Tea     All That Jazz     Amazon Nights


Rimshots     Heart Earrings     Dangle Earrings     Aquamarine Set

Shell Lariat Set     Holiday Style     Hammered Wire Earrings

Crystal Chandeliers     Tagua Nut Earrings     Metal Clay Earrings

Wrapped Spires     Pendulum Triangles     Tesserae Earrings     Ballpoint

Bauble Earrings     Bijou Blossoms     Cars     Caribbean Breeze     Clay River

Cherry Blossoms     Chunky Chandeliers     Coiled Stilettos     Copper Dream

Cresting Wave     Esprit Christmas     Fire Polished     Herringbone Flowers

Flower of Bollywood     Girl Power     Gorgeous Geometry     Hydrangeas

Indian Summer     Keys to My Heart     Lovey's Earrings     Montee Magic

Napa Drops     O-Ring Earrings     Pearl Agate and Silver     Petite Fiore

Zig-Zags     Round in Circles     Royal Shells     Crochet Snowmen

Summer Birdhouse     Twigs and Branches     Umber Pheasant Feathers

Glimmering Snowflakes     Guardian Angels


Adjustable Wrapped Ring     Ladder Rings     Lovey Dovey     Lovey's Ring

Peyote Stackables     Ring-a-Ding

Charms and Pendants

Holiday Tree Charms     Ballerina Bear     Ice Star Charms

Faux Cloisonne     Snap-set Pendant     Silver Goddess     Metal Clay Pendant

Crystal Snowflake     Butterfly Pendant     Christmas Trees     Fireflies

Free Wheeling     Go With the Flow     Lotus Blossom     Lariat Tassels

Shining Example     Simple Solution     Ornament Ball     Teddy Bear