Stretch Cord
Create simple stretchy accessories.

Stretch Cord

Simple elastic cord, like that sold with sewing notions, can be used to create a variety of beaded objects, including bracelets, necklaces, and tassels for doors and mirrors. The cord can stretch and become worn over time, so it is best to select thicker elastic whenever possible. These instructions can be adapted for a variety of projects.


Stretchy Bracelet


Assorted large hole beads

Stretch cord

Craft glue, cement or clear nail polish

Darning needle

Paperclip or bead clip


1) Cut enough cord to fit your wrist, plus 4 inches.

2) Clip one end of the cord to stop the beads from falling off as you string.

3) Add beads as desired.

4) When you have enough beads, grasp the ends of the cord close to the beads, and check the fit. Add or remove beads as necessary.

5) Wrap both tails of the cord around your fingertips, and hold the loop in place with your thumb. Use the darning needle to tuck the ends under the loop to form a knot.

6) Push the knot down to the beads with the darning needle.

7) Remove the needle, and pull both cord tails to tighten the knot.

8) Slide an adjacent bead over the knot to test the fit. If it slides out easily, tie a second knot as above.

9) Place a bit of glue or nail polish on the knot(s), then slide it into a bead.

10) Allow the glue to dry before wearing.