Multi-strand Technique
Create a beautiful cascade of bead strands.



The following directions will explain how to create a basic multi-strand necklace.  The techniques used can be applied to a variety of other applications in bead work as well.


Eye-pins (2)
Bead Caps (2)
Glue, nail-polish or adhesive cement

You May Also Need:

Jump Rings (2)
Clasp (1)
Bead Cups

1) Determine the length of thread you will need with the following equation: 
(Desired length of the necklace + 12 inches) X 2
2) Thread your needle, and double the thread over so that the ends meet.  Attach a stop-bead with a 6 inch tail.
3) Add beads to the thread as desired until 6 inches of working thread remain.  Stitch back up through the last bead and pull tight.  (If you are not using seed beads in your design, you will need to add one to act as a stop-bead at this point.)
4) Trim the thread as close to the needle as possible.  You should now have one bead strand that is the desired length of your necklace, with a 6 inch tail on either end.
5) Repeat steps 1-4 until you have the desired number of strands for your necklace.  More strands will create a fuller necklace, so if you are working with short strands, fewer may be more appropriate.  Three to eight strands is ideal for a practice project.
6) When you have enough strands, line up the stop-beads on one end and gather the threads together.  Tie an over-hand knot and slide it down as close to the bead work as possible.
7) Open an eye-pin and insert it into the threads so that 1/2 of the threads are enclosed in the eye.  Close the eye-pin.
8) Tie another over-hand knot and slide it down as close to the eye-pin as possible.  Dab a bit of glue or clear nail-polish on the knots.
9) Repeat steps 6-8 for the other end of the necklace.
10) When the glue has dried, trim the threads above the knots.  Slide a bead cap onto the eye-pins, and add a spacer-bead.  Create a wrapped loop and trim the excess wire.
11) To complete the necklace, attach a jump-ring to each wire loop and a clasp of your choice.

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