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This encyclopedia of beading offers tutorials on popular bead stitches and other beading and jewelry making techniques.  You can also find tips and information about beading materials, themes and color.  For instructions, tutorials and tips, browse the topics to the right. 

About Beading

Beading is one of the world's oldest art forms, dating back as far as 100,000 years.  The people of pre-history are known to have adorned themselves with decorative objects made from readily available materials such as bone, shells, and precious stones.   Those primitive types of jewelry have since evolved, and beadwork is practiced in many different styles all over the world.  

In North America the most common types of beadwork are: stringing; loom weaving; off-loom weaving or stitching; bead knitting and crochet; and embroidery.  These methods can be used to make anything from jewelry and clothing to home decor.  Beads made from all types of materials are used by artists from all manner of backgrounds.  The results are often stunning and always beautiful.

Some of the most interesting types of beadweaving are:

Peyote Stitch - from Native American origins

Herringbone Weave - from Africa

St. Petersburg Chain - from Russia



Recommended Techniques


For Beginners:

Daisy Chain - An excellent introduction to seed bead use.  This technique is easy to learn, and offers opportunity for color experimentation.

Spiral Rope - This simple stitch is great for practicing needle and thread use, tension, and color use.

Flat Herringbone Weave - This is a great introduction to flat or panel bead weaving.  The tension is easy to maintain, and patterns or variations are easy to follow.

Two-drop Peyote - This two-bead version of the popular and versatile peyote stitch is beginner friendly.  The rows come together much faster than traditional peyote, and hold their shape, making it easier to work with.



For Necklaces:

St. Petersburg Chain - This simple technique is great for delicate and creative necklaces.  The bead colors and sizes can be changed for a variety of looks.

Tubular Herringbone - Ropes made using herringbone stitch make excellent chokers and short necklaces.


For Bracelets:

Right Angle Weave - Basic flat RAW has endless possiblities for patterns, and can easily be embellished for eclectic jewelry.

Brick Stitch - Free-form brick stitch is a great introduction to flat weaving, and easily converts to peyote stitch.


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