Brick Stitch
Create brick-like layers of beads.

Brick Stitch


Brick stitch typically begins with a bead ladder, but can be added to any existing beadwork where threads are exposed between side-by-side beads. The thread that spans from one bead to another is used to attach new beads, and will be referred to here as a bridge.

1) Create a bead ladder with an even number of beads. Exit the top of the ladder, and turn the beadwork so that the working thread is on your right.

2) Pick up two beads, and with the needle pointing toward you, stitch under the bridge directly to the left of the bead the thread is exiting. Pull tight.

3) The two new beads should now lay side-by-side along the bead ladder. Stitch up into the bead on the left, making sure not to pass under any threads. Keep the needle close to you as you stitch. Pull tight.

4) Pick up one bead, and stitch under the next bridge to the left. Pull tight.

5) Stitch up through the bead just added.

6) Continue adding one bead at a time in this manner, until you reach the end of the ladder. Stitch up through the last bead added to step up.

7) Flip the beadwork over, and repeat steps 2-6 to add new rows.

  • To decrease in a row, skip one bridge at the point where you want to decrease, and stitch through the next bridge. Continue stitching normally.
  • To increase in a row, add two beads at the point where you want to increase; use one stitch, or two individual stitches on a single bridge.


Freeform Brick Stitch Cuff


Seed beads in assorted colors and/or sizes


You May Also Need:



Bead Cups

Clasps or Buttons


1) Create a bead ladder in the centre of 3 yards of thread. The length of the ladder will determine the width of the cuff.

2) Add beads with brick stitch, decreasing as needed, until the bracelet is half the desired length. (Subtract the length of the clasp).

3) Repeat for the other side. Secure any tail threads and trim.

4) Optional: Secure a comfortable length of thread at a corner of the beadwork. Using peyote stitch, embellish the edges of the bracelet. You may need to add two or more beads in some places to keep the beadwork flat.  Add two or more rows around the entire cuff, secure the thread and trim.

5) Attach a clasp or other closure to complete the cuff.